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Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park?

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Year 10 History Coursework Louise O'Neill Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park? The people who came to Bletchley Park were the 'Brilliant minds of their time'. Many were mathematicians, lawyers, palietonligistgs, and marine biologists. They arrived knowing nothing about the work they were going to do. Bletchley Park was established to intercept and decode the German secret codes created by the Enigma machine. The Enigma machine was very clever and complicated. It had three revolving rotors on which a daily code was set. By typing in a letter the machine randomly changed this into another letter. Unless you had another Enigma machine set on the same code you could not translate the messages. ...read more.


As more people were working at Bletchely, more equipment was needed. Winston Churchill said 'make sure they have all they want as an extreme priority and report to me what has been done. Action this day' The various roles of the code breakers varied. The first arrivals at Bletchley were the code breakers who had worked for the GCCS in the 1920s and 1930s. These people were used to cracking the codes using the pencil and paper method. They looked at the messages and tried to look for similarities. Later after they realised these code breaking methods were out of date new recruits joined them. Work had been split up into different huts. The main hut 'Hut 6' put its efforts into the air force enigma. It received signals and messages and attempted to decode them. ...read more.


They had to be able to identify German words from the few letters. Most of the staff was linguists anyhow. As the volume of the messages increased, so did the number of watches. In Hut 3, the head of watch whose job was to allocate messages to staff as they arrived supervised each watch. This was highly skilled and very important role. The head of watch had to act quickly and had to decide whether or not the message looked important enough and then give it priority. Even the all the workers of Bletchley Park didn't know what the next person was doing they all worked together as a unit which helped to unveil the plans of the enemy. The hut system worked very well splitting up the messages in different areas in which the code breakers were good at decoding. ...read more.

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