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Describe the organization and the Work of the people at Bletchley Park?

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Describe the organization and the Work of the people at Bletchley Park? Bletchley Park was the British home of military intelligence during the Second World War. It intercepted enemy messages, which would hopefully help them to win the war. These messages were written in code so the British Government employed Oxbridge Mathematicians to work day and night trying to break the code to read the messages. Along with the code breakers their were code readers who had to translate the code into text, Morse code operators who had to take down the text as it came through often having to write down up to 90 characters per minute, plus there were hundreds of filing clerks, runners. ...read more.


The huts were used as temporary offices as so many operations were going on at Bletchley Park. This was because there was insufficient room inside the mansion. This was also a good way to keep people talking to only the people they directly worked for and with. If you were court speaking to anyone from another department or group you could be arrested as it would break the secrecy allowing them to accuse you of spying. Some of the most influential people working at Bletchley Park were the code breakers who were often Oxbridge Mathematicians who worked on the job of getting the setup for the messages allowing them to be read. ...read more.


Some of the smart mathematicians that worked at Bletchley Park were Alan Turing and Max Newman with Tommy Flowers and Heath Robinson were working on a secret project to help break the Enigma and Lorenz code. They were trying to build a machine that would work out those days' settings in an incredibly fast time so they could read the messages as soon as they got them in. They came up with the idea for the Colossus computer, which was a combinations of cogs and switches and this machine, could try hundreds of combinations at once until the settings that came out read the code correctly. ...read more.

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