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Develop a system for use by a fitness centre to store and organise the company's administration details such as membership, subscription payments and use of facilities.

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Introduction Riverside Ice and Leisure provides a focus for leisure in Chelmsford with a range of facilities that is both unique and extensive. The Centre's upper deck houses the area's only ice rink; whilst the lower deck offers three swimming pools with an exciting flume ride, a multipurpose sports hall catering for everything from badminton, aerobics and six-a-side football to major exhibitions. There are also two squash courts, an indoor adventure playground for children a cr�che, a fully air-conditioned gym, adjacent to the lower restaurant & licensed bar. Riverside leisure centre is located on the riverside industrial park. Problem Statement My task is to develop a system for use by a fitness centre to store and organise the company's administration details such as membership, subscription payments and use of facilities. This system will need to store data on customer payments and bookings as well as sending out letters to members about meetings and forthcoming events. Therefore this system could also be used to produce session timetables and print records for customers. The current system is a paper based filing system that has many restrictions that must be overcome by the introduction of an improved data capture and storage method. Below I have listed the following key details that must be addressed by the new system: ID number Each field in the system will have its own unique identification number Customers Name Details of customer Customers Address Details of customer Customers Telephone Number Details for contacting the customer Date of Membership Date the customer joined the club Date Membership Expirers Date the customer's membership expirers Method of club fees payment Records whether weekly, monthly, annually, standing order Record of unpaid subscriptions Dates of unpaid periods are entered Customer's special requirements Disabled access etc. I have listed the reason for including each field that will be used in the system. During the testing of the system and after further research and development I may have to make refinements to the fields that will be included. ...read more.


Delete an existing account Lesson booking (use of specialist facilities/Lessons) i. Create booking ii. Cancel/Delete booking Instructor Administration i. Create new instructor account ii. Edit instructor account iii. Delete instructor account General administration i. Update prices ii. Calculate prices iii. Issue receipt for customer iv. Delete any unwanted records Possible Solutions It is possible to improve upon the existing system. For example disposing of old records that are obsolete, this would help to reduce storage space of records. The disadvantage of this is that it would be very time consuming and would need to be done regularly because the centre keeps records of all lessons booked and customer files. Time Plan The table below shows the time plan I will be working to ensure that my system is completed in the allocated time. The table shows the individual tasks leading up to the deadline. Project task September October November December January February Requirement, specification Input, processing, output Design Test Plan Solution Implementation plan Presentation of documented system Hardware and software Test results Corrective action User guide Evaluation Further advances System limitations System meets end user requirements Final changes Test Plan Field name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Customer ID number 123456 123457 123458 123459 123460 123461 123462 123463 Customers Surname Grayson Holmes Smith Savill Jones Howe Johnson Green Customers Address 1, Walters Close 32, Bullen walk 35, Baddow road 102, Watchouse road 32 Orchard Road 876 Watchouse Road 23 London road 18 Barnard road Post code CM2 8NU Cm2 78R CM3 8NY CB1 8YT CB12 56 CM2 7DE CM8 UYT CM2 Y8U Telephone 281021 445621 165485 135426 356421 154852 445698 985698 Date of membership 21/05/02 13/01/02 15/03/01 20/07/01 12/01/02 01/01/01 13/01/01 22/06/02 Membership expires 25/05/03 13/01/04 20/12/02 20/07/03 29/02/05 20/01/03 13/05/03 22/06/04 Method of payment Visa Cash Debit Visa Visa Cash Visa Cheque Unpaid subscriptions - 01/09/02 - - 12/02/02 30/05/02 - - Special requirements - - Disabled access - - Disabled access - - User testing Liam Smith used the system and its functions several times to test it. ...read more.


Evaluation I will now report on the degree of success of my project. I will use my initial end user requirements as an indicator of how successful the system has been. My first requirement was to reduce the time it takes to create a new membership. I believe that I have achieved this by creating an easy-to-use system providing a simple method of using the features. This can reduce the time taken to create a membership by providing easy to enter fields. The time is also reduced because if the user makes a mistake it can be easily erased without any interruptions between the user and customer. Another advantage of the new system is that it reduces time it takes to access membership files. This is because the old paper based system required the user to manually access the files stored in the filing cabinets. The new system allows the user to access all the files without interrupting communication with the customer. The new system helps to reduce storage space because all the data is held electronically within the computer. The existing system stores the files on paper which takes up space as it has to be stored within cabinets or boxes. With the new system membership details can be easily edited. Individual fields can be altered meaning that each time a correction is made there is no need to re-write the form. This saves, time space and money. The system can also keep timetables for usage of facilities or lesson times. This allows the user to easily find out when free times are available for a customer and will make it easier to book lessons and reduce errors. Customer details can also be printed easily, this provides backup copies of lesson or membership details and can be presented to the customer. The user interface must be easy and quick to use to reduce times to book lessons and help reduce errors whilst booking. This will help to maximise bookings and sales. Tim Grayson - 1 - ...read more.

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