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Feasibility Report for a new system that I will develop to improve on the existing paper system.

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Feasibility Report. Purpose The purpose of the new system that I will develop is to improve on the existing paper system. The original system is time consuming and is inadequate for the doctor's surgery. As details have to be regularly updated and altered, the new system will be computerised. The system will allow its user to: - * Add new patients to the system * Delete old patient records * Printout hard copy of all prescription ordered * Keep a record of all the transactions preformed. The purpose of the feasibility is to examine how the original system compares with the new one I will be developing. This report will also help me to conclude whether it is necessary to computerise or improve the present system. Scope of new system. The completion deadline for the new system, which has to be developed, tested and installed into the Doctors surgery is in 6 weeks concluding on the 25th November 2003. This date cannot be negotiated due to a change in the Practice manager after this date. ...read more.


As the surgery has many patients it is essential that all data is recorded and kept safe for future reference. As the current system is paper based a lot of care is needed so that handwriting can be read and it is vital that records do not get mixed up. Correcting this problem would virtually be impossible. This system uses up a lot of the surgery's resources, like paper and storage space. Converting to a computerised system will greatly reduce this affect and definitely improve the day to day running of the surgery. Currently there are about 240 patients the number is increasing every year due to the birth rate increasing. Allowances in the system need to be made to stay on top of this potential problem with resources like space. Summary of the current problems with Dr Ahuja's paper based system: - * Time consuming * Limited storage space * Confusion when alterations need to be made with patient details * Mistakes made with manually transcribing * Not enough space on existing patient record cards to add vital information like latest prescription taken. ...read more.


Along with all of these advantages the budget set for �5000 can be meet as the database can be developed using the existing hardware, although the software is essential. Recommendation. I have recommended that Microsoft Access (version XP) be used to implement this database, as it is the one that will fulfil the user requirements. Is it sophisticated enough to calculate the figures needed in order for the system to work. Also the interface that the user will use to operate it is appropriate and very user friendly. Advantages of using the recommended software. * Validation * Security * Suitable Interface * Software is comparatively cheap * Advanced features can be applied (Input masks, lookup wizards) to reduce human error. * Menu operated system, no technical knowledge required. * System can be updated easily to install new features. Risks involved. As with everything there are certain risks involved but not many. One of them could be the system could crash as if not saved data can be lost, however Access XP is highly developed and tested and it is virtually impossible for it to crash. Others risks involve human error, which again are greatly decreased by the features, developed. Themina Rafi ...read more.

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