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I will try to encourage middle aged adults to ride bikes as a frequent form of transport or leisure. I intend persuade my audience in form of a leaflet. In this I will explain the environmental issues and the safety that is involved while cycling.

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It coursework project 1a Introduction In this coursework I will try to encourage middle aged adults to ride bikes as a frequent form of transport or leisure. I intend persuade my audience in form of a leaflet. In this I will explain the environmental issues and the safety that is involved while cycling. Microsoft Publisher 97 will be the software that will help me create this leaflet. I will be saving my coursework in a specially allocated area for me, within my school's Local Area Network (LAN). My Network Area This shows the directories and sub-directories where I will save my work, in the form of a tree diagram. This screenshot proves where I will be saving the work for this coursework. For my internet search I will be using a very good and popular search engine, google. It can found at http://www.google.com I will start by searching for "cycling" With the single keyword "cycling" I got 3,390,000 results, which is too much to manually look through. I will use more keywords to narrow down the results that I get. As you can see, I got 3,390,000 results, which is too much to manually look through. By using more keywords, I will narrow my search down and filter unwanted results. Just by adding a few more keywords, my search has narrowed down to a more realistic number, but it is still not practical to search through 3,220 webpage's. The "+" sign in front of the keywords, tell the search engine that the results must include these results. The "-" sign in front if the keywords tell the search engine to filter results with these words. It's illegal to copy, distribute or alter the contents of copyright material without the owner's permission. ...read more.


This prevents what is called a "Dictionary attack". Programs are made to try out every word in the dictionary, as your password. > They should be made longer than 6 characters There are programs which try every possible combination of numbers, letters and symbols as the password. It will take longer this way, but eventually it will work. To prevent this from happening, our school automatically prevents access to an account whereby the password has been incorrectly entered, a certain number of times. Advantages > Word -Processors such as Microsoft word, allow us to edit documents without typing it all out again, which could be very time consuming. > There are many graphic tools available, which are especially useful for presentations, and have effects that cannot be done by an unskilled hand. > Some word- processors offer many very useful features such as spell check and word count. > Large amounts of text and pictures can be easily and quickly copied. > Files can be easily backed up in case of data loss. > The internet has lots of information on a wide range on topics. This information can be quickly and easily found. Disadvantages: > Computer games can be addictive and very time consuming. > A computer has become so useful that many people spend most of their day on a computer, which prevents them from doing any exercise or socialising. In the future this can lead to an increased number of obese children. > Data published on the net may be of adult content ands therefore not be suitable for children. Although there are some programs that can monitor activities on the net, programs of reasonable quality are usually expensive, and cannot substitute a human supervisor. ...read more.


> Never tamper with the wires behind the computer. > Don't switch off or disconnect the machine if you have a problem. Call a teacher or I.T technition. > Don't switch off the pc until you get this message: "It is now safe to switch off" > Don't place unshielded equipment not supplied to the pc near to it. A radio or mobile phone near to the monitor,, for example, may cause a distorted picture. > Don't get scratches on compact disks. This may result in them being unusable. > Don't leave applications open when not in use. Too man applications open at any one time can slow down the operation of the pc. > Don't delete files that you have not created. Programs have their own data files and deleting these files will stop the computer from working. Errors Errors occur when something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. Errors can occur in hardware and software. Hardware errors: Hardware errors usually occurs when the computer boots up. The following hardware error occurs when a computer boots up while floppy disk is present in its floppy disk drive. Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key. This happened to me many times. It required me to remove the floppy disk and then press any key. Software errors: Any error that occurs in the operating system or programs within it is a software error. The following error occurred to me, while I was using "Microsoft Internet Explorer", and I had entered a web page that either could not be found or was invalid. Help: From the screenshot above, you can see that "Internet Explorer" offers some help on the error. Usually by pressing F1, a help menu can be accessed. Newer software offer online help, either in the form of guidance from a web page or a professional. ...read more.

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