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ICT Coursework: Virus.

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ICT Coursework: Virus Virus, a special program which can do destructive also annoying things, it is a very tricky thing, because there are lots of different viruses, some of them might format your hard disk or they can make copies of itself without the user knowing about it......etc. they all have different behaviours but all of them do things that you may not like to see to your computer. Before we know how to protect ourselves, we need to know how viruses work. Viruses are very annoying, because they spread. But they are not spreading in a normal way which you can see; they hide in the boot sector of a storage device, and this storage device can either be a floppy disk or CD-ROM that you've just borrowed from your friend. ...read more.


In a PC, if a virus gets in, it will begin to spread it self, and do damage to it. Can we stop it? Yes, virus has always been a big problem to PCs, and there are many solutions as well, it's just whether people actually do it or not. We can like have regular whole system virus scan e.g. every week. We can also use the floppy disk or CD-ROM that you trust, but even if you trust the source of it, you will still need to have a virus scan before you open it. Be careful with all the files that you have downloaded from the internet, because you may never know is it a "clean" file. ...read more.


should help to keep the damage to minimum. For me, I do have those anti-virus programs and I do all the things I've said above, with the anti-virus program, I think the damage is kept to a minimum; but I found a problem, if a virus gets into the anti-virus program it self and changes the configuration of the system, nothing will be known because the anti-virus program it self is the virus! However, virus has always been a problem for us, but if we do be aware of it, I am sure that the person who made the virus will soon find there is no way of getting a virus into our system. Finally, do never forget a virus can do anything to your computer, things can really go wrong if you don't keep an eye on you computer. ...read more.

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