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Microcontrollers Features and example of the type of application its best suited.

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Microcontrollers Features and example of the type of application its best suited 87C51FB microcontroller This is an 8-bit chip microcontroller that has been improved from the 87C51FA. Its features make it a powerful microcontroller, which is ideal for applications such as pulse width modulation, high-speed I/O and up/down counting capabilities. The suitable application for 87C51FB microcontroller would be windshield wiper system, because of its adequate program memory and RAM. It has on board Program Array Counter (PCA), which enables it to capture input and output pulse width modulation. The input capture feature is needed in order for pulse width measurement to work with capacitive sensors (used to detect rain on the windshield). The 87C51FB offers a controlled variable speed of the wipers. The Features: > 12 MHz Operation > Three 16-bit Timer/Counters > 7 Interrupt Sources, with 4-level interrupt priority > Programmable Counter Array (PCA) ...read more.


are built into the 68HC11 microcontroller. The application best suited for 68HC11 microcontroller is an emergency communicator system application because it - Records a set of personalised emergency messages. - Dial customised telephone number(s) when triggered by a pushbutton, monitor, sensors etc. - Monitor call status and delivers recorded massages. The Features: > Power saving STOP and WAIT modes > Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) > 8-channel 8-bit Analog-to-digital (A/D) converter > HCMOS > EEPROM > Clock monitor > Parallel input/output > Highest priority interrupt > 16-bit Timer system Features applied to the emergency communicator system > HCMOS Low power - operates on battery backup Noise immunity - operates in surroundings with telephone line and (possibly) radio transmitters > EEPROM Calibration table -look up values for dial tones, ring back signals, busy signals etc. User parameters - a list of telephone numbers to call in a case of different emergencies System configuration - the locality of the emergency message ...read more.


is one of the most commonly used, these are relatively cheap, encompass decent tools, and also presents a good possibility of upgrading to larger and more capable parts. Intel is the first company that is responsible for the 8051 family, other companies has taken up the idea and largely produces these microcontrollers, such as Atmel, Dallas Semiconductors, and Philips The suitable application for 80251 microcontrollers would be a cellular phone application. Because of the features it has which is similar to a cellular phone: > UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) To transfer data, to and from the serial port > Watchdog Timer To reset processor after a specified interval when activated, and provides a means of gracefully recovering from system problems > Interrupt Handler To provide a means of interrupt polling and handle real-time interrupt that may occur. > Power Monitoring and Management This mode is very useful in terms of reducing power consumption when the processor is idle. ...read more.

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