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Operating system.

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Operating system An Operating system is the most important piece of software running on a computer. Many people have used a computer, all have used Microsoft word or excel for spreadsheets. These are application program. The application program interacts with the Operating system, and now the Operating system is a program that is run when ether a computer is switched on. We need an Operating system installed on our computers or else it will become very inhospitable. We all use digital computers and everything is represented by numbers. The Operating system provides help to do productive work such as writing letters or surfing the web. It an provide the techniques to overlap input and output with processing, while a program is receiving an input from the keyboard, another can e writing to a file whilst another processes. This means the efficiency of the computer is improved. An Operating system is software which makes the hardware more user-friendly, when people hear about windows they would probably think of it as 'the most popular of them all' they probably don't even know there is others. ...read more.


There is a minimum knowledge of how an operating system does what it does that is required by anyone who is going to be very involved in computer systems. This is how we distinguish a professional from someone who does not use a computer often. Operating systems are tunable, they have a large number of parameters that can affect performance. The performance can be improved by adjusting values to suit the special circumstances of a particular site. This requires some knowledge of what an operating system is doing. Programmers will one day find themselves faced with a problem, which the particular language they are using cannot solve. Operating systems is one of the largest pieces of software that have be written. It is an excellent exercise to analyse the structure of an operating system, it can identify the kind of problem designers are faced with and to see what options are available to solve these problems. The historical development of operating systems began in the late 1940s, where in that time there was only hardware and no operating system. ...read more.


Interactive systems are the most common mode today, using keyboard mouse and screen. Some systems provide interactive computing on a single-user and multi-use basis. Network operating systems are a common practice today to share resources like printers and databases across a network. It handles the underlying processes required for such sharing. Distributed systems are the most recent development in operating systems, meeting the requirements of the multi-user system in a new way. This system consists of a group of machines acting together as one. Specialist systems have been developed and each with its very own particular application area, like real-time operating system would be used in situations such as chemical plants or life support systems. An operating system is a very large piece of software. To design, build and maintain large software system need a high level view of how it is structured and how different components work together. It can be decomposed into modules that would provide the following functions: * Process management * Memory management * I/O management * File storage, which uses I/O and adds protection and security * Network management ...read more.

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