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supermarket database-computer coursework

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A-LEVEL COMPUTER EXAM COURSEWORK SUPERMARKET SYSTEM Content 1.Indroduction 2.Problem anlaysis and specififcation 2.1 Problem of the old system 3.Solution of the problem 3.1 Introduction of the new system 3.2 advantage of the new system 4.Design of the system 4.1 software consideration 4.2 hardware consideration 5. Online system Introduction There are many supermarkets around us, but there do you know how it works. In this coursework., we will anyalsis the problem of the old supermarket system and how to solve this problem. Besides, in this coursework, it will introduce a new supermarket system, introduce its advantage, how to set up, how to use it and what is its' advantages. Old supermarket system Disadvantage: piles of papers are used to keep the records it is hard to back up the records, if you really do so, the cost of the ink and the papers can make you bankrupt the payments are calculated by men, if your mathematics is poor, you will bankrupt again you need to spend nights after nights to turn the pages by your hands in order to search the data of the customers and supplier snail mail is used, which means time and money is wasted your customers cannot immediately get the most update news of your product, simply the million-dollar contract will fly to other companies the piles of paper won't remind you when your product is expired, you need to search through the papers it is not easy to comunicate to your branch stores. ...read more.


The information that is contained includes: * What tables and column are presented. * The names of the current tables and columns. * Any validations on the values of certain columns. Data Item Description Data Type Validation * item description The description of the product Text * bar code The bar code of a product Text Letters only * item code The code of a product Text Letters only * item location in store The location of the product in the supermarket Text Letters only * price The price of a product Numbers * maximum (amount to order) The number of product in the supermarket Numbers * current stock Whether the book is hardback or paperback Text Letters only * date ordered The order of the product by the customer Number * date received The order of the product ordered by the customers Number After create the above table, by using the "Microsoft Access", a new table will be created to input the data of each product. Besides, to show the out and in of each product, by using the "Microsoft Access", a report can be created. Shopping from the Internet Some customers will order products from the internet. Therefore a website should be set up for their confident. In order to get associate with the system, some more items are needed to create in order to record the information of each customer. ...read more.


If some product has been ordered, and it takes a while for that product to arrive, we do not want the same product ordered several days in a row. The system must contain some sort of list of items on order. As the items received come in, they should be taken off this list. The objectives of the proposed system are: * To make buying things an easier process. * To produce reports on overdue books. * To check which products are currently available in the supermarket. * For the staff to be able to obtain information of who has ordered a particular product. * To keep a record of customers and their details. * To be able to add, edit or deleted details concerning the customers * For each customer to have a unique id in case two people have the same name * For each product have a unique id * The system should only allow authorised people to the data. Problem of this system When using the "Microsoft Access" to setup the programme, it will take a long time to set up. As it needs to create a lot of tables, besides, each table is linked together and totally linked to the server to the internet. When linked to the internet,it is difficult to get a good domain name. Also, it is easily linked wrong. Solution of the problem To solve the problem * First, set up the system more carefully. * Try to buy a good Domain ...read more.

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