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Trojan horse

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Backdoor.Trojan hourse * This Trojan opens a port to allow a hacker to control the infected system. * Within the larger grouping, there are Trojans that share very similar characteristics. These are given specific names and include any Trojans with "Backdoor." at the beginning of the name, such as Backdoor.Subseven and Backdoor.Netbus. A Trojan can be sent as a file and can be combined with a game or a program. When you open the Trojan you cannot tell you have opened anything. ...read more.


But there is a easy way to avoid downloading viruses and that is to only take files from people you know and do not accept .exe files which are between 300kb and 400kb. The worm The worm is sent to you in email form and can say things like Hi ill reply to your email ASAP but until then you can view some pictures by downloading my zips and viewing my files. ...read more.


Open the Win.ini file in a text editor such as the System Configuration Editor (Sysedit.exe). 2. Remove the command C:\Windows\System\Explore.exe or C:\Windows\System\_Setup.exe from the run= line. 3. Restart the computer. 4. Delete Explore.exe from the C:\Windows\System folder. * If you are running Windows NT: 1. Start the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe). 2. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNTCurrentVersion\Windows\Run and remove the entry that refers to "Explore.exe" or _setup.exe." 3. Restart the computer, or kill the process using Task Manager or Process View (if the file is currently in use.) 4. Delete Explore.exe from the C:\Winnt\System32 folder. Neal Mason IT Virus Research 11/10/02 ...read more.

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