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UKAB Remarking Database.

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UKAB Remarking Database. AS Level Computing Project By: Peter Spence Candidate Number: 7022 Centre Number: 66631 February\ March 2003 Table Of Contents Part 1 - Analysis (Page 3) Introduction Page 3 Objectives of the new system Page 3 Data Flows Page 4 Constraints and Limitations Page 5 Consideration of possible solutions Page 5 Part 2 - Design (Page 6) Overall System Design Page 6 Database Design Page 7 Definition of data requirements Page 7 Design of input forms Page 8 Report Design Page 9 Queries Page 9 Menu Design Page 10 Systems Flowchart Page 11 Security Page 11 Test Strategy Page 12 Part 3 - Testing (Page 12) Test Plan Page 12 Test Results Page 14 Part 4 - System Maintenance (Page 15) System Overview Page 15 Tables and relationships Page 15 Forms Page 15 Queries Page 16 Reports Page 16 Macros and general modules Page 16 Discussion of test results Page 16 Appendix 1 - Test Data (Page 17) PART 1 - ANALYSIS. A. Introduction The UKAB (United Kingdom Awarding Body) is a script remarking company. They aim to return examination scripts to candidates within three weeks of them receiving the request. The company produces a daily list of re-marks that have not been completed in the three-week period and a daily list of re-marks completed where the candidate's grade has changed. ...read more.


The 1997 version and the 2000 version as these are the two versions available to me. The final system however will be in the 2000 version as it is then easier to access from newer computers. Access will be the program I use to design my system as I can use visual basic with it for applications inside the system. Access also uses relational databases to work and this will be particularly useful as it means I can relate the Script, Centre and Candidate tables together. Hardware To be able to run access 2000 a windows based PC with Windows 2000 or higher with a minimum of 8Mb (Preferably 16Mb plus room for the database to be run at the same time). A fast processor such as P120 will be needed to speed up the movement between the different menus of the system. E. Consideration of possible solutions A database system would be ideal for tackling the UKAB problem, and Access 2000 should ideally be used because it is probably the most widely used version of access. It is possible to create parts of the system using visual basic or a similar programming language, but this is not really needed, as it would involve creating a higher cost for the UKAB because they would need to buy new software to run the system. ...read more.


Town Text (10) Centre Contact Number Text (12) Subject ID Text (5) Unique Primary Key A Grade Boundary Expressed as percentage Number (%) B Grade Boundary Expressed as percentage Number (%) C Grade Boundary Expressed as percentage Number (%) D Grade Boundary Expressed as percentage Number (%) E Grade Boundary Expressed as percentage Number (%) U Grade Below Expressed as percentage Number (%) D. Design of input forms. Three data entry forms are needed for this system to work: 1. frmAddEditCC This form will be used to add and edit Candidate remark details. It needs facilities to be able to: * Add new Candidates to the database. * Edit old Candidates already on the database. * Navigate back to the previous menu. * Print records. * Delete records. 2. frmCntrAddEdit This form will be used to add and edit Centre details, therefore it needs to be able to: * Add new Centres to the database. * Edit old Centre details. * Navigate back to the previous menu. * Print records. * Delete records. 3. frmSbjctAddEdit This form will be needed to input and change old details in the database. Therefore it needs to be able to do the following: * Add new Subjects to the database. * Edit old Subject details. * Navigate back to the previous menu. * Print records. * Delete Records Peter Spence Page 1 of 16 Computing Coursework ...read more.

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