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User guide for a system

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User Guide Pricing Model Contents Page General information: About the system Pg.3 System Requirements Pg.3 Hardware Pg.3 Software Pg.3 Installing and using the program: How to install Pg.4 Using the program Pg.5 Troubleshooting Pg.9 Advanced Options: Changing the brochure of parts Pg.11 Changing service, VAT, delivery Pg.13 How to use validation General information About the system: This computer quote model was built to the specific requirements of Drum Gurus. It helps the user make an accurate quote for a customer, taking into account many various functions such as calculating VAT and delivery, discounts and service charges. Once the chosen items and the customer's details have been entered the model will automatically generate an accurate invoice within seconds. It also helps the user keep to a set budget. System Requirements: Although this system is very simple and easy to use there are some standard requirements for the model to run efficiently and smoothly. Hardware: Software: Minimum: * Keyboard * Mouse * Monitor/Screen * 200MB Hard Disk * Pentium 75 MHz * 16Mb of RAM Recommended: * Keyboard * Mouse * Monitor/Screen * Dimension 2400 * Microsoft(r) ...read more.


6. It also works out if the customer is over or under budget. If the customer is over budget it will be indicated in red and the user can either change the certain items or just leave it if the budget is only over a small amount. Here it indicates that I am over budget by �452.03 so I should change a few items. Once the user is happy with the computer, then click the "Invoice" button as seen at the top right in the above screenshot. This is the invoice sheet and it shows all the items that have been chosen. It gives a subtotal, and then shows how much the Shipping and Handling is and the VAT. It then creates the grand total. The big difference here is that it cannot be changed, none of the items or prices can be changed to create a safer process. 7. Then to save the quote for that customer you click on "file" and then "Save As.." This is what it should look like: Locate the folder called "Quotes" that was already created. Then type in the name of the customer or the unique code number given to every quote for reference. ...read more.


Now as you can see I have highlighted and now all I have to do is press the Sort Descending button and it will sort the prices out. However there will not be enough drop down menus. But it is easy to change. All you do is right click on the drop down menu on "Cymbals" and press "format Control" ou then change the number of drop down lines from 17 to 18. Now you click on "input range", it will take you to the data and you highlight the whole of the "Cymbals" data and press enter and you are done with entering new items. Changing service, VAT, delivery: VAT: At present the VAT is 17.5%. This is calculated by multiplying the subtotal but 0.175. To change the VAT all you have to do is enter into the box the designated sum for the VAT. Where it says 0.175 you just change it to 0.20 for 20% or 0.50 for 50%. Shipping and Handling: To change the service charge (Shipping and Handling) is just as simple. You click on the shipping and Handling and in the formula box at the top just change the ammount from 7.00 to 8.00. Like this: ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick Gibson I.T User Guide Mr.Walford Page 1 of 14 ...read more.

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