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What is a computer?

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What is a computer? 1.Data Data has no meaning Information=data + meaning Computers are machines that process data 2.Computerised vs. manual systems... Using a computer system has lots of benefits A. Takes up a lot less space. B. Searching for records is very quick. C. More than one person at a time can access the same data from their network PC. D. It saves to the computers memory. E. Reports can be generated very quickly. ...read more.


They are not secure and unauthorised users can hack into your computer. Network security Access security limits a persons network A. All authorised users should be given usernames and should create their own passwords. B. Users should change their passwords frequently. C. Individual users can be assigned access rights for example network managers can be given to access software that controls how the network runs. ...read more.


D. Archiving means coping or moving a file somewhere for long-term Physical security protects hardware Follow the seven sad flab rules a. Serial numbers- Keep a record of all serial numbers b. Alarm- Computer rooms should be protected by alarms c. Doors- lock doors d. Fire protections- Use smoke alarms and fire doors e. Lock- Lock widows to prevent access f. Avoid- having computers on the ground floor g. Blinds- or curtains should be closed at night and monitors should be switched off ...read more.

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