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I have been asked by a company called Electrosales to research the security market and produce a range of designs for products that would sell in reasonable numbers. I will produce a prototype.

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I have been asked by a company called Electrosales to research the security market and produce a range of designs for products that would sell in reasonable numbers. I will produce a prototype- the first example of the product. I then should test and evaluate my design with to see how good it is and to suggest improvements. I have to design both the circuit and the casing onto which it would fit. I think security is a work-wide field because nearly everything relies on security- homes, workplaces, entertainment places etc. Questions I need to ask myself: Who will want my design? Most probably the company and their buyers. What will I create? I don't know just yet, but anything to do with security. Why will I create it? Because I will gain money from it. Where shall I make it? In a developing country where the labor is cheap. ...read more.


To help me find which kind of product I am going to use, I am going to do some research. I am going to use the following things to help me: 1. Questionnaires. 2. An electronic shop 3. CD-ROMS 4. The internet 5. The library 6. magazines 7. Newspapers 8. Books 9. Interviews My product is going to be a simple circuit. The design will be for a door latch, that if the connection is broken when the timer is set, the alarm will go off. The name I am going to give it is "Breakalarm"(tm). It is associated with security as it gives awareness to the household owners. I say household, because the system isn't capable of handling a large area. As you can already tell my design will target: 1. Homes 2. Small shops I have chosen this design brief because it is a simple circuit and I feel that it is quite useful to our community. ...read more.


This design is a simple, cheap one. It is shown openly as to dare the perpetrators. However, some of the perpetrators think that there is no video recording device attached to it and still commit the crimes. I am going to create a questionnaire that I will use to find out what people look for in an electronic safety device. It will have questions like how much would they pay and will ask approximately 10 people. I will go down to my local high street and ask a variety of people of race, religion, sex and age. After I have done this and I have the results I will make graphs and conclusions and analyze them. Questionnaire on Home Security �10-�20 �50-�100 �200-�500 Over �1000 How much are you willing to pay? 2 5 2 1 Key Switch Remote control Portable Key switch, remote control or portable 6 2 2 Large and light Small and heavy Large and light or small and heavy? 5 5 Discreet Visible Discreet or visible? 5 5 Yes No Do alarms make you feel safer? 9 1 Professionally DIY Professionally installed or DIY? 8 2 ...read more.

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