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organiztional sytsmes and strategy

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ITM Assignment-Business School Project Background The Aytoun building is currently situated on Aytoun Street of Manchester city centre; this is the home of Manchester Metropolitan Business School. The plans are for the current site of the university to be moved to a more appropriate location situated near the other metropolitan campuses on oxford road near by All Saints campus. This project is involving the moving of the site for current Manchester Metropolitan Business School which is currently situated on Aytoun Street, Manchester. The planned destination for the new site is a new building situated on Oxford Road. This project is planned to take place in May next year, and preparation for this move needs to be of the highest standard. For this assignment we are going to design a Project Definition Report for this project to allow external contractors to analyse the best possible proposal. We need to include details about all aspects of the move and all sectors of the move, the different sections of the business school that will need to be taken into careful consideration are all offices, the library, information systems support and the drop-in, computer laboratories, reception, media services, and all other associated services housed within the business school. It has been decide that the move from the current destination for economical and financial reasons. The new destination is more appropriate In terms of location and facilities. It is better suited to accommodate the business schools wide range of technological facilities and equipment, not to forget the wide range of lecture theatres, tutorial labs and admin offices. These plans have now been confirmed by the board and the move is going ahead, the ideas and plans from the all the second year student will be taken into consideration by the Business school sponsors and board members. All ideas and reports will be considered and marked according to their standard in a real project planning scenario. ...read more.


Some of the following methods will be used in the project to increase the integrity of the products quality and the following information should be considered:- Design Control Design Control. This specifies the procedures for Design Review, Sign-Off, Design Changes and Design Waivers of requirements that may become apparent as before, during and after the move has taking to place, it states that when manufacturers or suppliers develop a product subject to design controls, they shall establish and maintain the proper documentation to ensure that the specified design requirements are met to the quality of the products that the university are using are to the highest standards. Design and Development Planning - Describes the overall development plan and defines design activities and responsibilities that will be involved with the move. Design Input - Establishes the requirements that will ensure the device will meet the needs of the intended users in this case the students of the university and the staff including lecturers, admin staff and general maintenance staff. Design Output - Applies to all stages of the design process. These are the final technical documents that constitute the Device Master Record (DMR). This information shows that the device was developed according to the Design Plan and Design Inputs these will include documents received in the earlier stages of the move. Design Review - These will involve the business school team meeting up at minimum of two times to occur throughout the design process. They verify that the development of the design continues to meet the requirements outlined in the Design Input stage. Design Verification - Identifies whether or not the Output requirements continue to meet the Input requirements. This stage should ideally involve persons who are not responsible for the design under review. Results are documented in the Design History File. It verifies that the product was made correctly and t the highest standard for the building. ...read more.


One negative point about this method of management is that is very in depth and only works well if understood by the whole of the group taking place. Another negative outcome of using this method may be that if the system is not applied to the actual move properly and all aspects are not applied then there is no point planning in the first place as the project is not running as it should and may again fail. Suggest sensible improvements? Outsourcing is a good example of an improvement to a project management method, bringing a project manager from a different area is a good way to ensure results. Make sure the whole group are fully aware of the project management process and understand it completely. Ensure that the team has practice and test within the method before actually implementing an actual project to reduce the chance of problems. What is the nature of Project Management? Decisions- to decide on what factors need to be included by certain dates and deadlines, with allocated positions on who is doing it, where and when. Board meeting- ensure Board meetings are widely available to reduce the chance of confusion and to make sure all members of the group area aware of what they are ding and what has been done. Delegation- set everyone tasks but also assigns the correct roles to the correct personalities based on past performance and previous experience. Schedule- setting a schedule is paramount to achieve the correct goals and retrieving the correct results. Budget- setting a realistic budget is also one of the key points to consider; if the budget is miscalculated then the project can experience major problems and has a high risk of completely collapsing. Motivation- including all of the above factors is very important but without the correct motivation from the team then there is no point starting the project at all. Problems Solutions Overspend Use contingency money Off sick Make sure there are people who can cover Building not ready Prepare to store materials Removal companies let you down Have alternative companies IS system fails Agree new timescale. ...read more.

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