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For this task I was asked to compare two operating systems, the two operating systems I have chosen are Windows Vista and Xubuntu Linux the reason I have chosen these two operating systems is because of the main differences both of the operating systems play in the computer market. The purpose of an operating system is to manage all of the hardware and software on the computer and is also used as an interface for the end user to the computer. Without an Operating System the end user would not be able to use any of the software that is installed on the computer, and you won't be able to install anything on the computer. There are lots of things to take into account when considering an operating system and below I have explained what they are and why they are important. Built in software Both operating systems compared in this evaluation have free software that is added to the computer that does not need to be downloaded or installed. Windows Vista has a limited range of free software that are pre installed as factory standard onto the operating system such as internet explorer 7 for going on the internet and windows messenger for instant messaging capabilities. On the other hand Xubuntu Linux has an ample amount of programs because it s main source of open source software which include Mozilla Firefox for net browsing, open office for processing documents, GIMP for photo editing and many more which are also free even if you have to download or install them. ...read more.


This is also because the many thousands of Linux operating system are so unpopular that anybody who makes viruses is only bothered about Xp and Macs. Support When something goes wrong with an operating system the end user is expected to find out what is wrong with the operating system and fix it. Microsoft has loads of call centre (mainly in India and the middle-east) that are happy to tell you what is you did wrong with your computer and not what you actually need to know. Now Linux uses the internet forums and textbook which Microsoft windows users also could use. For every piece of software that can be used on windows operating system, there is also a version for that program on Linux. This software is not exactly the same for each of the operating systems but for features can be close and the other, less popular version could have some feature that are not on the windows version of that specific product. Image Editing Image editing is used in the industry to make a picture look different, better or worse depending on the industry if the industry is a holiday makers or a tabloid, it would be used to make a place look better than it actually is with white sands and blue sea, if the industry is a modelling agency image editing program would be used to make people look better by getting rid of any features that may make ...read more.


Messages contacts instantly instead of talking to people on the phone or by mail, IM programs have many features that can make there social experience more in-depth by using voice chat, video chat and file sharing. And some IM programs have a feature that allows the end user to access more than one account at the same time. Vector Imaging Vector imaging is used to draw diagrams and brainstorms that look profession to the end user and can be used for other uses as a visual aid to other user to show them what something may look like to work like. Document Processing Document processing is used to make document that could be presented later on in the future, such as word for a report, Excel for a Database and PowerPoint for a Visual presentation on a topic or subject. These can differ by using different features to get the document completed but the programs can also work together to do more than one thing at once such as Word and Excel would make it able to make a mail merge without have to reprint a letter lots of times. 3D Drawing 3D drawing is used in the industry to convey information or to implement into a film or computer game, the software can differ to what it can do because program like Maya is used for animation, graphical editing and special effects in movie but a program like AutoCAD is made to design building and structures. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kieran Egan Unit 2 - Task 2 Operating System Comparison ...read more.

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