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Safety glasses analysis

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Acme high impact Safety Glasses features - Adjustable safety goggles with lanyard. - Protect eyes from flying particles. -Aviator style. - Anti-fog, anti-static, anti-scratch polycarbonate lens. -Built-in antimicrobial protection.- Fights stains and odour causing bacteria. Size/material/production method. Aesthetics The surface finish of the glasses and texture is smooth and polished and the shape of the glasses is suitable to the task. However the overall style and image is unattractive and the aesthetic qualities could be greatly improved. Ergonomics This product is well suited to its purpose as the product is made of a hard material that is not easily broken or shattered. The safety glasses can be adjusted to suit the wearer and are adaptable to all environments in the workshop. Dragon rogue ski goggles. Features -Theses goggles feature dual lenses. -An anti-fog treatment. -Triple face foam with moisture-wicking micro-fleece lining. ...read more.


These swimming goggles have a split silicone strap with a self adjusting nose bridge, to enable the swimmer to fit their swimming goggles properly. Function-The function of the goggle is to protect the eyes therefore the products below have been analyses because of their lenses. Auto dark welding mask and lens Features -The mask is elaborately made of high quality plastic. - Auto dark lens gives high definition and a large view-finder, and can observe weldments clearly. -High molecular nylon is adopted. As an ideal tool for welders, mask and lens are high-temperature resistant and radiation-proof. - Auto-dark lens, gives a high level of protection to the eyes against high intensity welding sources and radiation - Red Welding Mask, by adopting high-technology microelectronic circuit, chooses the shade number according to the electric current in order to enhance the efficiency of welding greatly. ...read more.


to those who are walking around and passing a hazardous operation These glasses s are perfect for peripheral protection also, as they have a wrap around design that is perfect for preventing dust and debris from getting behind the lens and irritating the eyes. Clic front closing sports goggles. Features -Front closing flash polycarbonate anti-fog lenses -Optical quality UV protective lenses - distortion free -Holds together at speeds of 130 miles per hour -Moulded foam cushion for maximum comfort -Friction sizing adjustment - Helmet compatible headband -Track ventilator for air-flow -Stylish micro fibre lens Size/material/production method. Ergonomics These goggles have a double-anti fog lenses and mould comfortably to the wearers eyes. The magnet that holds the goggles together is strong and holds them closed at speeds up to 130 MPH. The headband is made to fit a helmet and overall, these goggles are high in quality and manufactured to withstand high amounts of pressure and speed. ...read more.

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