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Focus Study on Costume.

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Jade McGreevy Section C Focus Study Area: Costume The costume is very important for setting the scene as it shows the time it was set in. An example of this is 'Late Flowering Lust' by Matthew Bourne because the costumes were all 1930's style. It sets the scene for the whole dance as the 1930's costume and props stayed in that style throughout the dance. The costume also helps to clarify the roles of the characters. An example of this is 'Ghost Dances' by Christopher Bruce. The ghosts have very scary costumes because they are meant to be scary. The costumes enhance this making it a very realistic piece. The villagers however were wearing bright, tatty clothes. This was to show that they were happy which was shown in the brightness and that they were proud to wear their clothes even though they are tatty. It brings across their character that they are carefree and just want to have fun. The two sets of characters have very different costumes which clearly show that they are different and sets the obvious boundary between them because the ghosts look evil and scary and the villagers look happy and bright. ...read more.


This is why the ghosts' costumes were so scary because it was a scary time for people who lived in South America at the time. It is also shown in the tattyness of the villagers' costumes because they are poor and had a hard time staying away from the ghosts and the torture they had been through. The costumes set apart different groups for example 'Ghost Dances.' The ghosts and villagers have clearly got different got different costumes that unite them as a group and show the boundaries between the two groups. This is also shown in 'Swansong' because the victim is highlighted as the main character as he is on his own with his own style of costume which makes it clear that he is different from the guards and less important than the guards because the guards are united by their uniform which doesn't make each of them stand out as an individual person, they are almost seen as one person because they are so similar. The flowing movements of costumes can emphasise the movements to make you really notice them. This is used in 'Symphony Of Psalms' by Jiri Kylian. ...read more.


However, the men wear black trousers and grey shirts which do match the set design which is very simple and dark. 'Where Angles Fear To Tread' also contrasts with the set design at some points because some parts of the costumes are angry with the black contrast with the cream walls that are calming and the light grey costumes that are quite calming contrast with the red carpet that represents anger. This can also be the other way round and therefore the costumes would match the set design. The masks for 'Ghost Dances' make the ghosts appear scary and more ghost like whilst hiding their identity which makes them scarier. It is like they are criminals that don't want to be seen and can also be scary to their victims. The masks set the ghosts up and portray them as they are meant to be which scary, ghost like and evil. Overall, I think the costume helps create the mood of the dance, sets the scene for the dance, allows the character to be analysed to figure out who they are and what they could be like. It also helps show movements of the characters and emphasise the important movements which grab the audiences attention. ...read more.

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