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Ghost dancer

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{AUTHOR: SHREEJAY DASS} Dancing had been Madhavi's life. She has been taking barathanatyam, an Indian classical dance since she was five years old. Her dance teacher was the famous dancer Mrs Sheila Devi. It has been thirteen years since then. She was in her school's dancing team and had already represented the school in about eighty-nine national competitions. Her parents wanted to send her to India to further study the art of classical dance because that was where barathanatyam came from but Madhavi wanted to complete her studies in Singapore. Her mother Mrs Leshmi, forty-four years of age, was an excellent dancer at her schooling years so Madhavi is followed her mother's footstep. The national Asian dancing competition was coming soon and Madhavi was extremely well prepared for it. The competition was just three months away. All her schoolteachers were very proud that their student was representing their country. She would always stay up late in the school dance studios to practise her dance, which was called "COME MY LOVELY BIRDS". ...read more.


"What could it be or who could it be?" she asked herself. Plucking up her courage she looked up very slowly. All she saw was another spitting image of her dancing the same way she did, not one bit different. It was she. She was dancing in the mirror. "But how could it be?" not knowing what to do she then turned around for the second time but GUESS WHAT? There was no one standing there anymore. "What a surprise" she thought to herself. The room felt cold and eerie. She felt numb because she could not even open her mouth to scream or move her dainty pair of legs. No one was in the room, but the image of her was dancing beautifully in the large shiny mirror. "Can someone come to my rescue please?" she thought to herself. She did not know as to how she did it, but she just dashed out of the scary place as fast as lightning. ...read more.


She searched for Mr Muthu, the night security guard but she was given a sad news- the school does not have an Indian security guard, now or ever. Every single of her friends had no idea who she was talking about. Was it her imagination? She did not know. All she wanted to do was get out of the school. A few months later she was transferred to Pamela's Methodist College. As for her occupation, she became a very good dancer, a very good dancer indeed. She was recognised worldwide for her dancing talents, especially for classical Indian dancing. When she got married she had a baby son. She made her son Master Jay become an excellent dancer. She proved that dancing was not only meant for women, men could also be dancers. Her son master Jay won more trophies than his mom that made her very proud. Her generation just seemed to be the Indian Classical dancing family. If you drop by Madhavi's house you may see a trophy that says nineteen eighty-eight dancing competition which I gave to her. { 1041 words } THE END ...read more.

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