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Imagine you are describing Alston's Pulcinella (87) to someone who knows little about dance. Write an introductory review, which includes key facts, for example, set, lighting. Identify the type/ style of the dance and its stimulus.

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Imagine you are describing Alston's Pulcinella (87) to someone who knows little about dance. Write an introductory review, which includes key facts, for example, set, lighting. Identify the type/ style of the dance and its stimulus. Pulcinella was choreographed by Richard Alston in 1987. It was created for the sixteen dancers of Ballet Rambert, the year after he was appointed Artistic Director of the company. It previewed (shown for the first time) at the Leeds Grand Theatre on January 13th 1987. The original version of Pulcinella was created in 1920 by Massine. It was created for the Diaghilev's Ballet Russes. Igor Sravinsky originally produced the music score, which was re-used by Alston in the 1987 version of Pulcinella. Massine's stimulus was having watched Pulcinella in a street fair in Naples (1917). This was the first time Massine had ever seen this Italian comedy. The storyline was taken from an original play called 'Quatro Pulcinella Simili', meaning 'Four identical Pulcinellas'. ...read more.


The characters are from the original comedia dell'arte. Rosetta, Isabella and Prudenza are bored with their lovers, they are attracted to Pulcinella. Pulcinella flirts with the ladies, much to the irritation of his wife Pimpinella, and the ladies lovers, Caviello, Cinzio, and Florindo. The men threaten Pulchinella, but Pimpinella, and their neighbour see the men off. That night the men catch Pulchinella as he sneaks off to meet the girls. They beat him up, and knowing that he cannot escape, Pulcinella 'dies'. The men are appalled by what they think they have done, cover his body with a cape and walk away, before his body is discovered by the ladies. They are distraught, and perform very exaggerated mourning motifs. They are particularly distraught when the body vanishes. Pimpinella persuades her friends to dress as Pulchinellas, in order to teach the women a lesson. The women are terrified, and think that thay are seeing ghosts! When the fake Pulcinellas reveal them selves, all is cleared up. ...read more.


Some movements are very comical. For example, when Pulcinella is being attacked, and 'dies'. This is very funny to watch. He puts his hands around his throat as if it's his last breath. The mourning movements are also comical, as they are very exaggerated. There seems to be some correlation between the movement and sound. The mime elements in Pulcinella are very clear, and anyone watching would get the gist of the story line. We occasionally see traditional ballet mine, for example, the circling of the face with hand. Alston wants to make the gestures clear. The women have a stylish signature walk on demi-pointe. The lover's movement is much more lyrical and has a lighter quality than the friends and neighbours, who have a more natural quality, e.g. flexed feet. Pulchinella and Pimpinella's movements are more like the neighbours, rather than the lovers. I enjoyed some parts of Pulcinella, for example, the comical, exaggerated scenes, although, I did find some parts of the dance slightly boring. I particularly enjoyed the scene, in which Pulcinella is being attacked and 'dies'. It was very amusing when Pulchinella vanished, and the ladies were confused about where he had gone. ...read more.

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