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Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom is an action and adventure film, which includes stars such as Harrison Ford.

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Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom is an action and adventure film, which includes stars such as Harrison Ford. Camera angels are an important aspect of presenting as they are linked to the image. During the car chase between the two cars we see a high angle view of the cars, this is done to illustrate the high vulnerability of the human figure compared to the cars size and power. Then we see a point of view shot of the kid driving the car, allowing do this shot, it creates a sense of humor towards the target audience as he can just about see over the dashboard and therefore has difficulty driving. ...read more.


We see Indiana Jones wearing all white, to show brightness and a typical hero like characteristic, and we see the bad guys wearing all black, with black sunglasses and a black car to show they have a mysterious and dark presence about them. This is done so its easier for the audience to understand and identify who is with Indiana Jones and who is against him. The women in the scene who is with Indiana Jones is wearing red this signifies love and passion, also wearing red signifies a cultural meaning in the country and brings luck to those whose wear red. Special effects are used when sparks of electricity fall on to the car this was done to create an extra sense of danger when speeding away from the villains. ...read more.


Sound was used in the extract to provide moments of danger and relief. Frantic music is played during the car chase, this is done to build up the suspense of chase. By adding a faster pace of music to the scene it allows the audience to feel apart of the experience. The theme tune of Indiana Jones is played every time, Indiana Jones thinks he his in no more danger e.g. when the car chase has finished and he parks up in the airport. This is done to create a sense of reassurance and relief around the audience. A joyful melody is played when the kid says it is fun to drive, this is done to create a sense of excitement and pleasure to the younger target audience. Overall the conventions of the film portrayed the film as a funny, lighthearted comedy. ...read more.

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