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'Juicy Fruits' Live Theatre Essay. Evaluating the use of costume and set design.

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´╗┐Natalie Cox 12SI Theatre Studies Explain how the combination of costume and set design in one live performance that you gave seen and assess their contribution to the creation of specific moods and atmospheres at particular moments in the production. ?Juicy Fruits? was a play put on in the season of ?A play, a pie and a pint? by the theatre company Paines Plough. The director and writer had aimed in the play to present the different realities of a civilized society and an uncivilized one to an audience, exploring the different boundaries set in these two different situations and looking closely at two women who initially were part of the same society, but had experienced the last parts of their lives in either of the two contrasting worlds. ...read more.


The set contributed to the creation of a specific mood at one particular moment that stood out for me; when Nina was stood behind Lorna’s quaint chair, and leaning over her friends shoulder showing her the pictures of her travels. The small and dainty café chair that Lorna was perched cross-legged on showed her civilized manner and the was Nina was standing over her and leaning over her shoulder, pressuring her and coming very close to her face showed the lack of knowledge of boundaries that Nina had. It created a humorous mood when it was obvious that Lorna was uncomfortable in the situation, and Nina didn’t pick up on this. The costume of the two girls contrasted largely for their age, each had their own style that reflected their personalities. ...read more.


This created an intensely awkward moment and an uncomfortable silence and the mood after that turned into frustration on Nina’s part as she frantically wiped at her top and tried to get rid of the marks. Props as part of the set were used to create many different moods with the audience. At one point, Nina had left the stage, and after refusing to eat the cake whilst her friend was there, Lorna covered the chocolate cake with a napkin and lowered her face close to the table and at it very indiscreetly. This was a very humorous moment for the audience and it was prolonged by Lorna sneaking glances up to see if anybody was watching her. The photographs being thrown at Lorna by Nina in frustration also created comedy that soon turned into being uncomfortable when we realized that she wasn’t stopping. These two examples showed the occurrence of uncivilized things happening in a supposedly civilized café. ...read more.

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