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Review of “To kill a Mocking Bird” performed by the Queens Theatre touring company

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Christopher Sood Tuesday 26th September Unit 3 Review of a play To Kill A Mocking Bird We saw "To kill a Mocking Bird" performed by the Queens Theatre touring company on Friday 22nd September 2000. This play was performed in the main hall of our school The Royal Liberty School. The play was about a black man called "Tom Robinson" he was accused of rape by the daughter of the drunken Mr Ewell and put on trial for a crime he didn't commit he was just helping the daughter fix something. The play was performed as if by children acting out the court case and dressing up as the various characters. Through this method the story of the alleged rape trial was told. I think this was confusing because I didn't know who was who because they kept on changing characters. I could tell who as the judge and who was the defendant, defence and the prosecutor were but at the end I was left puzzled because one man came out of the door and they didn't tell you who it was, and there was all the characters on the stage and I got very confused. I also didn't like the way they presented it because it was stupid the way the children acted it out. ...read more.


The porch was used as the make believe court. On either side of the house were two benches on which the actors sat when not in a scene. I didn't think the set was great, I'm not expecting Broadway but the acting company could have been more creative by having two sets one on one side of the hall and one on the other. I did not like where the actor sat when not in scene because it got too crowded I would improve this by asking the actor to go behind the stage away from public view. The things that I would have changed about the set are to have a better background colour of the house instead of light pink, I would have had a dark grey to emphasise the mood of the play. I would have also changed where the actors sat, as it was too crowded. The lighting they used wasn't that good because it was a fixed position it didn't move, it just focused on the stage that wasn't very creative at all. The effect the lighting had on the play wasn't much different then normal lights in our school, the only thing that was different about them is that they shone on the stage and not everywhere. ...read more.


When the female actor changed from being scout to the judge she took a black cap and hammer out of a box she was sitting on. I think that the only costume that made an impact on the play was when the female actor changed from Scout to the Judge and vice versa, I thought this made an impact because it was the only real change in costume that I saw during the whole scene. I would have had more costume changes to define the character changes, as it was a bit confusing trying to work out the storyline and work out the actors. In the play they used live music. The live music was used to show the feeling and the atmosphere of the play and set. My opinion of the live music was that it was very dull and not very creative, they could have used better instruments instead of just the triangle, drums and accordion all of the time. I think western music for the part of the play would have been good. My opinion of the play was overall it was good but it had a few bad points and a few good points if I had too see it again I wouldn't mind. The good points of the play were the some of the drama forms and some of the acting the bad points were the stage setting and everything else. ...read more.

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