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Describe the major changes that have occurred in global communication systems and assess how theses have helped to integrate the world economically and socially.

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Describe the major changes that have occurred in global communication systems and assess how theses have helped to integrate the world economically and socially. In today's world, global communication systems are playing a major role in helping to integrate the world economically and socially. This has led to the terms globalization which refers to the interconnected state of the world in which goods, services and information are distributed around the world with no borders. Global communications have been improving at an alarming rate. There are now 300 commercial geostationary satellites released each year which can each handle tens of thousand phone calls simultaneously and broadcast several television stations. This had facilitated the growth of internet which by 1993 had 1.3 million users, 1997 - 20 million users and by 2001 over 300 million users around the world. The combination of mass media such as television, radio, internet and movies are controlled by the Western nations. Transport systems also have improved significantly, as the time taken to travel and the costs of traveling is reduced due to increasing efficiency of the network and method of traveling. This can be shown by the time-space convergence rate. In 1902 it took 3 days or (4320mintues) to travel from Sydney to Brisbane but in 2002 it took just 85 minutes by jet airliner. ...read more.


The effective of global communication have made this possible and allow businesses to obtain cheapest materials from overseas suppliers and cut costs by using cheap labour by manufacturing in Bangladesh and export products all over the world. This has affected Bangladesh economically and socially. Economically, inward investment from multinationals have led to increased in secondary industry and caused a shift in employment structure. This provided jobs for 90% of women as well as increasing their social status and transformed their role in society. There has also been a decreased in birth rate as emancipation of women also increases, thus creating a large impact on their culture. However, it can be argued that multinationals are exploiting the workforce by paying them low wages for long hours of work in poor working conditions known as sweat shops. Major improvements in global communication systems have also led to increasing global transactions and international trade of imports and exports. International trade agreement and trading blocs such as European Union and ASEAN have been set up to facilitate the growth of economic transactions between countries. Evidence of internationalization can be seen in major cities in both MEDC and LEDC's such as London and Bangkok. Major international movement of immigrants from Eastern Europe such as Polish people to London have led to an increased supply of manual jobs and help increased economic growth of England as well as widening its cultural diversity such as food and entertainment. ...read more.


For example, when Superman was shown in Shanghai in 1986, the Chinese population was astounded by the skylines of American cities which led experts to believe that this has influenced a large number of Chinese to support U.S style economic development in their country. This is clearly an evidence of fall of communism and advancement of capitalism. On the other hand, some argued that the world should be a place of democratic society whereby information should be accessed by everyone and that information are shared. Moreover, it is believed that this will be the cause of over 2000 of the world's 6000 languages to disappear over the next 100 years. There are important evidences that modernization, westernization, capitalism, internationalization and cultural imperialism have occurred throughout the world due improvements of global communications. Nonetheless, globalization has brought many negative and positive impacts to different parts of the world. To certain extent, integration of the world's economy have brought many benefits to both sides but nonetheless, it is arguable whether this have led to a clearer wealth- north and south divide gap. There is also a plurality of interpretations of western media and other influences as some believe that it would lead to cultural imperialism whereby one culture, probably US culture is dominating others. It is difficult to justify whether globalization have benefited which countries or individuals more. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Arisara 13J ...read more.

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