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"Attack" by Sassoon critical analysis

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Siegfried sassoon conveys despair and horror in ?Attack.? He explores ideas about war, pain, and loss of mind. His thoughts are all of the destruction of humanity due to the oppressive realisation of the terror of war and of the time changes in war. We sense his strong emotion and panic in the tone of the poem: he seems to feel desperate. He evokes the menacing and uncomfortable atmosphere of the battlefield which emphasises how threatening the battle was for the life of the soldiers. My own viewpoint is that this is a poignant reminder of how war destroys what makes us human. ?Attack? is a short poem of 13 lines and only one stanza written in speech rhythm with some rhyme. ...read more.


The opening lines of ?attack? describe the new day emerging as shown by the line: ?at dawn the ridge emerges massed and dun.? The ridge, however, is personified as having a living presence and no specific shape, with the use of words ?emerges? and ?massed.? The sun is described as being almost inactive and personification is use again, as the word ?glowering? suggests that nature is both disapproving and antagonistic. The word ?smouldering? portrays a vivid images of the sun being covered bye the infected smoke, almost giving a literal meaning as to look at what human action has done to nature. Sassoon uses more personification when describing the slope- ?scarred? evokes a physical visualisation and the sense of human danger. ...read more.


In the poem ?Attack? no strict rhyme scheme is being use, but has couplets throughout poem that represents the unpredictability of war. The internal rhythm in the poem represents the heartbeat of the soldiers fighting in war and the marching feet of the soldiers. The assonance of the words ?spouts? and ?smoke? mirrors cries of wounded. The sibilance - ?smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud? ? ironic, soft ?s? sound in a war poem. Finally, through this poem, Siegfried Sassoon want to pass the message that war is destroying what make us human. All the scarred that this soldier are been mark with had little impact compare to the scarred that the fear, pain and regret that the war may cause to them. In my viewpoint, Siegfried through this poem want to tell us that times will never erase what this soldier has been through war. ...read more.

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