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Billy Elliot Commentry

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A film directed by Stephen Daldry, from a screenplay by Lee Hall, Billy Elliot is a social drama as it deals with a variety of social issues such as poverty and class. Set in mining community in Britain, the film follows the story of a young boy who has grown up in a poor community and a world of rules and traditions. As an 11 year old, he goes against his father's wishes and morals and discovers ballet on his way to boxing. Growing up in a damaged family, he learns to express himself through the art of dance. Unlike writing, establishing a story and true meaning is constrained due to the lack of time. Directors are unable to say exactly how they would like us, as an audience, to see the morals, characters and meaning of things unlike an author of a novel. Therefore, directors are able to cleverly create clues in order to help us see the story in which the director wishes us to see. Studying a film involves discussing and understanding techniques that have been used to create the film. ...read more.


Acting: Acting portrays the story, emotions and personality of a character. Acting shows the interactions of each character with one another, in order to render different relationships. The acting of Billy's farewells can be examined to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between the certain characters. His grandmother holds him close before she suddenly pushes him towards the door. The acting from the grandmother shows the attachment the two characters have for each other however she has now pushed him from her life and world through the door and into a new one. Before leaving, Billy takes a long look around the kitchen. This presentation shows how Billy is sadden by the idea of leaving his home, but knows that walking through the door, will open a new world. When billy walks out into the courtyard and starts making his way to the bus stop with his father and brother, Michael calls for him. The acting, physical actions, in this part are crucial due to the lack of words communicated. You are able to see a slight awkwardness between the two characters by the way the two young actors have interacted with one another. ...read more.


No background music is present again, until the goodbye between Michael and Billy. Just as billy runs to Michael, a beautiful soft piece begins playing. This song starts sorrowful, then it brightens up in a peaceful way. When studying the music of this scene, you soon realise that you are able to distinguish the type of goodbye and the relationship Billy had with each character. There was a different song for each goodbye. This shows that for Billy, each of the other characters were all important to him but in all different ways. A close study of 'Billy Elliot' from just a short sequence in the film, shows us that there are many key elements involved in making a successful transition into a new unfamiliar or adult world. It is through cleverly using techniques such as film editing, design and the script that gives us a clear indication of the issues and the themes of determination, individual growth and support. There must be an opportunity to move into the world, but an individual needs determination and family support to be able to take advantage of that opportunity, and because of the presentation of the film, we are able to experience and understand them while watching Billy Elliot. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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