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By considering only one character, discuss the theme of love in Twelfth Night by referring to three scenes to illustrate your points.

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G.C.S.E English By considering only one character, discuss the theme of love in Twelfth Night by referring to three scenes to illustrate your points. The genre of romantic comedy in Twelfth Night usually treated the happier aspects of life such as love and marriage; this play makes lavish use of music and singing. The name Twelfth Night is the name given to the night before the Christian feast Epiphany. In the Elizabethan period Christmas celebrations lasted for twelve days and ended with a big party on the Sixth January. The scenario of Twelfth Night is based on falling in love. During the Elizabethan period there were two opposing views of sexual fulfilment. ...read more.


Olivia has been orphaned by her brothers recent death has left her without relatives except for her uncle, Sir Toby, who also is a kind of nominal guardian. She is considered to be beautiful by all, Orsino speaks of her appearance as "purging the air of pestilence", Viola calls her "beauty truly blent whose red and white natures own sweet and cunning hand laid on and addresses Olivia as fair Cruelty and if you were the devil, you are fair". At the start of the play, she is mourning the death of her brother, but her manner of mourning seems all out of proportion to the cause. Olivia shows no attitude towards love in the early part of the play because she is mourning the death of her brother who was lost at sea. ...read more.


look you, sir such a one I was present isn't not well done? We can see the stage direction on the 'unveil' which suggests that Olivia has over come her mourning only for Cesario. Unveiling is symbolic of Oliiva as she is re-entering his life because she has renewed energy which is all due to her new love for Cesario. Concluding this we can see that Olivia love for cesario seems to be superficial, as she loves his appearance as Cesario is in his youth. I believe that Olivia had gotten over the mourning of her brother very quickly as she had great comfort form from Cesario who was there for, her this is what made her pay interest in him. Farhad Nawaz ...read more.

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