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Catcher in the Rye

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Catcher in the Rye J.Solomon B Anyway, I really did go home after the carrousel. Firstly, Phoebe and I walked over to the pond and we sat and watched the ducks, you could see where the ice was starting to form around the edges of the pond I still didn't have a goddam clue where the ducks go when the pond freezes over. After a while I could see phoebe getting cold but she didn't wanna say, so we walked out of the park onto the east side, and took the bus to Grand Central, to get my goddam Gladstones out of the strong box there. ...read more.


I lit up a cigarette, I must have smoked 'bout 10 packs since I left goddam Pencey. Mom and dad weren't too pleased when they found out about me leaving early but they took it ok taking all things into account. Phoebe took the day off and we decided to take a cab over to Ernie's. I thought maybe I could give old Jane a buzz, but when we got there, the place was packed full of phonies, even at four in the goddam afternoon. Phobe and me got a decent table coz I flashed a few dollars under the waiter's nose. ...read more.


I took a cab back to the apartment and went straight to the garage, I had Allie's mitt on. I started feeling dizzy and then I knew I had to be with Allie, I knew there was only one way I could be with Allie. I walked down to the pond and took out one of the shards I'd picked up from the garage and started thinking about the ducks; where do they go in winter....? The next day Phoebe found Holden's suicide note it was called "A Catcher in the Rye." It was the story of all the crazy stuff that happened to him last year. Phoebe knew he had to be with Allie. ...read more.

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