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Choose 4 poems which deal with people on the edge. Consider how they are presented and what we learn about them.

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Jak Money 11G1 Choose 4 poems which deal with people on the edge. Consider how they are presented and what we learn about them. The four poems I chose were: Stealing, Hitcher, Education for Leisure and Laboratory. The themes in each were: stealing - insanity and theft, Hitcher - a hitchhiker and the truth, Education for Leisure - death and arrogance, and in the laboratory - eccentricity and paranoia. All of these poems deal with people on the edge. They all have people who inflict pain or damage for pleasure or amusement. The language in Laboratory is very old fashioned compared with the other poems, which are relatively modern. It was written long before the others but this language makes the poem harder to read and much harder to understand. The poem is set in an old fashioned Laboratory, full of medicines and poisons, and this is made clear by the vivid description such as "faint smokes curling whitely" and "thou pliest thy trade in this devil's smithy" When this is compared with the language in Education for Leisure, which is very modern and has no hidden references like in ...read more.


In Laboratory the main themes are adultery, between her husband and the other woman, murder between her and the other woman, jealously that the other women is sleeping with her husband and not her and hatred at her husband's lack of devotion to her. In Education for Leisure the themes are the murder of his victim, him being fed up with being ignored, anger between him and whatever he sees and the feeling of being unappreciated. In Stealing the themes that run through the poem are the feeling of the man not being understood by anyone he talks to, the excitement of other people's pain, and boredom forcing him to steel for a bit of light relief. In Hitcher the themes are murder between the man and his hitcher, the hypocrisy of the man allowing himself to do something but not anyone else and the fact that the man has no motivation for anything he does. The ideas in the poems vary hugely. I feel Education for leisure is the best example of someone on the edge. ...read more.


Depression is another good example of how someone can be driven to the edge. The main character was tired and not feeling great, when, in line 3 "One more sick note, mister and you're finished, fired." This sets the scene for the poem. There is a sense of mystery in the poem. "the truth he said was blowin in the wind" But the most obvious theme is boredom. "he was following the sun to west from east" shows the fact he has nothing to do and doesn't care. Then, unexpectedly he kills the passenger he picks up. The fact "didn't even swerve" shows how proud he is of being able to kill someone without losing control of his car. It now becomes clear he is insane and killed without having any good reason and also showed no remorse for his crime "let him out saw him in the mirror" is showing he doesn't care about what he has just done. In all four of the poems we are shown how different people can be pushed to the edge in different ways, and how they deal with it. Jak Money 11G1 ...read more.

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