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Compare and Contrast 'The Journeyman' by Lochhead and 'Standing Female Nude' by Duffy

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Duffy and Lochhead both write about artists. Compare and contrast two poem taking into account the methods each poet uses to write. ?Standing Female Nude? is a poem depicting a woman posing nude for a painting. It is a dramatic monologue from the model?s point of view. Both the model and the painter work out of necessity. ?The Journeyman Paul Cezanne On Mount Victoire? by Lochhead, like ?Standing Female Nude?, is a dramatic monologue, this time from the perspective of the artist as he considers how he achieves his art and dismisses his critics. The artist in Duffy?s poem works out of necessity, ?Because/ I have to. There?s no choice?. His work, ?shall be represented analytically and hung/ in great museums? for people to gaze it and admire. ...read more.


He is patronising and has an inflated sense of self-worth, his model comments, ?These artists/ take themselves too seriously?. He views himself as a professional but this professionalism falls away as ?There are times he does not concentrate/ and stiffens for my warmth?. In contrast, ?The Journeyman? is written in free verse to symbolise the artist?s free flowing thoughts and how he has no focus on anything apart the mountain, the repetition of ?this mountain? shows this. The crude language used in ?Standing Female Nude?, ?Belly nipple arse? shows that the life of an artist isn?t glamourous; there is a clear juxtaposition between the creator of the art and the viewers of it, ?The bourgeoisie? and ?the Queen of England?. ...read more.


The Journeyman, Paul Cezanne also emphasises the power of art as he states that, ?colour can move, can make, mountains?, this demonstrates the power of art. He also says that art is more permanent than nature, ?paint more permanent than stone/ constructed?. In this statement Paul Cezanne compares himself to the maker of nature as the maker constructed mountains from stone, he can construct one from paint. This shows his confidence as an artist; this can also be seen in how he ignores his critics and how he names himself a ?journeyman?, a person who is a master of their craft. Both artists dedicate their lives to art however one finds content in his work whilst the other is tormented by it and his inability to perfect it. ...read more.

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