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Compare the way Remarque presents war in All Quiet on the Western Front with Dulce et Decorum est and Futility by Wilfred Owen.

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´╗┐Compare the way Remarque presents war in ?All Quiet on the Western Front? with ?Dulce et Decorum est? and ?Futility? by Wilfred Owen. In War Literature, an image is often created of soldiers of war serving their country with heroic grace, met by glory from their people everlasting pride. However, Remarque and Owen tell the brutal reality of the horrific journey a whole generation of soldiers had to endure. Although the effects of war have been presented with significantly different conceptions toward the English and German in British media, own and Remarque present the physical and psychological horror of death all soldiers, united in grief. The novel ?All Quiet on the Western Front? uses the first person narrator of Paul Baumer as the viewpoint of the novel. Remarque does not try to conceal the animalistic life of the solider, but instead exposes the basic level of what a man is reduced to in ...read more.


In this way, Remarque suggests that the psychological effects of war are only unbearable if they must be faced alone, in which case there can no longer be ?peace? for the solider. In ?Dulce et Decorum est?, Owen?s voice recalls his own experiences throughout the poem, a painful exploration necessary for the reader to understand the reality of death in the war. The Latin for ?it?s a sweet and honourable thing to die for one?s country? evokes bittersweet thoughts of gravestone and glory, suggesting the duty of death deserves a celebration of praise. However, Owen rejects this idea in the first stanza, that there is no such glory in death, as ?many had lost their boots?, which directly implies that the soldiers suffered as beggars would. Owen?s voice rings out clearly with the hurried dialogue of ?Gas! ...read more.


Owen continues to present the recurring theme of the uselessness of war more specifically in ?Futility?. The title of the poem immediately creates an atmosphere of detached emptiness for the reader, remaining calm and composed throughout the first stanza. Although the pointlessness of war can often conjure up intense feelings of anger and hatred, the opening phrase: ?move him into the sun, gently its touch awoke him once? avoids directly mentioning death or loss, a style with Owen continues through the following lines: ?gently?, ?whispering?. The voice of the poet is not as personal in this poem, referring to the solider as ?him?, which could be interpreted as everyone ever lost at war. During the second stanza, Owen portrays the speaker?s bitter feelings through emotive questions: ?Are limbs, so dear achieved, are sides full-nerved, still warm too hard to stir??- This inability to answer these questions emphasising the waste of existence through war. ...read more.

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