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Comparing Flight by Doris Leesing & Your shoes by Michele Roberts How are they similar?

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Comparing Flight by Doris Leesing & Your shoes by Michele Roberts How are they similar? The narrator in Your shoes is emotional and thinks she knows best and she wants the best for her fifteen year old teenager who is getting involved in drugs and sex. The Grandfather in Flight is also similar as he also thinks he knows what is best for those around him, in this case his granddaughter who is set to marry but he thinks this is foolish and ludicrous. "She's the last," he mourned. "Can't we keep her a bit longer?" Both of these characters are possessive and don't won't to let go to what is dearest to them. ...read more.


Your shoes, "If I wrap my arms around myself and hold tight it keeps the pain in. There is both a good use of symbolism between the both stories in Flight Alice is compared to the grandfather's favourite pigeon and in Your shoes the neatly kept shoes. In Flight Stephen gives the grandfather the gift of a new bird. The grandfather realises his favourite pigeon has flown away i.e. Alice has gone to Stephen. How are the two stories different? In Flight the granddaughter is different to the daughter of the narrator in Your Shoes. The granddaughter Alice is well groomed and seems to be a lady type figure in her actions although we see she can be rude occasionally when she feels that she has to talk out of what she feels to be in justice, this shows she is strong. ...read more.


"The dark red soil, which was broken into great dusty clods, stretched wide to a tall horizon." While in Your Shoes the only description of a setting is around the house, but we get the idea that it is set in modern day town close to London due to the issues of the story, "People your age hanging about outside the supermarkets and the tube stations up in London." The language is different in both stories as Your Shoes uses some offensive language and modern language, "When your father called you a dirty slut he didn't mean you to take it personally." Flight is more mild and uses more detailed actions to express the characters true feelings, "The old man's hands curled." By Greg Hanshaw 4 Fox ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

** 2 STARS

Some perceptive comments and sometimes uses PEA effectively. Quite a short essay with no conclusion but does successfully compare the two poems and so remains focused on the question. More PEA needed.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 05/09/2013

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