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Creative Writing piece on Jane Eyre

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00.03 - I shouldn't have eaten that stew for supper, now I just feel really bloated (urgh). Just because I am much happier, doesn't give me the excuse to eat more. I am not attractive as it is. Do you really think Rochester will like me if I was an obese whale? Oh Jane. Get over yourself. Blanche is the woman for Rochester, you wouldn't ever top her. It's late. I should be going to bed. Oh dammit! The curtains are open. Well, the can stay open! Goodnight! 02:46 - What was that dreadful noise? Grace Poole has a good set of lungs; I was truing to catch up on some of my beauty sleep, obviously going to look horrendous in the morning. (No different from any other morning Jane.) My dream has been totally interrupted (Sigh.) Note to self: I must buy ear plugs. ...read more.


I just hope I wasn't some religious virgin sacrifice for Grace Poole... The room we entered I had seen before...except it was different. Strange...a door I had never seen before had been revealed! That's where Grace Poole was. Held captive... (Does he want me to help in an exorcism? What are the sponge and salts for? What am I doing here? Oh Rochester!) Rochester asked me if I was afraid of the sight of blood... (I see it every month, so obviously not...silly question to ask a woman.) Mr Mason...OMG, he was bleeding...blood (urgh I felt strangely faint, my legs wobbled slightly) however the fact that Rochester embraced my hand... (I shall never was this hand again) made me feel so much more comfortable...I was more shocked at the fact Rochester was holding my hand (obviously) although we have shaken hands previously, this felt different, it felt, nice! ...read more.


Mason was taken to the ambulance and driven off. (The end of a turbulent night, the sun had risen. Please may I sleep now?) 05:31 - Rochester and I, were walking on our own in the gardens, I enjoyed Rochester's company when we were on our own. I felt I had a bond with him. However I only felt I could be myself when we were alone (Damn Blanche, for just being Blanche!) My God, Rochester has just given me a flower (half dead) but a flower nonetheless (I demand a bouquet, or, not?) However just before he departed he said Blanche was beautiful, basically (Oh no!) I guess, Rochester and I will never be. (Sigh.) Mood: Depressed I desire a rather large bucket or chocolate, a soppy movie (preferably Titanic), a picture of Blanche and a few darts... (LOL.) I very much doubt that Rochester will ever be more than a friend to me. Diary of Jane Eyre Word Count: 797 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Language: Context, Genre & Frameworks section.

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