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Discuss the means by which Ibsen uses language to convey the nature of Helmer and Nora and the relationship between th

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A Dolls House Discuss the means by which Ibsen uses language to convey the nature of Helmer and Nora and the relationship between them. Ibsens use of language helps us see the characters nature and to find out their personality and structure of the characters relationships. Each character has their own unique use of language. This helps us to see the difference between the characters and their relationships. As we read through the play A Dolls House this becomes clear when we learn about Nora and Torvalds relationship and how it changes throughout the play. As we read throughout the play, the language used by Torvald gives us an invaluable insight into his character, He never seems to be stuck on what to say and his language remains confident and constant throughout the majority of A Dolls House. Torvald see's himself as above Nora, he is a controlling and dominating person, he contantly uses imperative language and interrogatatives to overrule the conversation. ...read more.


He is also backing up his role as the dominant male. He see's Nora as his possession. "Its incredible what an expensive pet she is for a man to keep" and "What, not look at my most treasures possession?". These quotes show us that he see's her as his pet, something he owns and this provides us with an invalueable insight into the way Torvald see's her. Torvald believes everyone should have the same views and morals as him. Nora: "Oh you're always right, whatever you do" Helmer: "Now my little song birds talking just like a real big human being" He is also a very sexist man, we learn this in this key quote "First and foremost you are a wife and a mother". He is judging her actions on what women are expected to do. Ibsen uses all this type of language to show the stereotype of a typical mans view and morals in this era. ...read more.


Noras character changes throughout the play. I've just discussed her main childlike side, but at the end of Act 2 we see her anxious and frightened side in the soliquy. She uses lots of repition, interrogatives and dramatic language "Twenty-four seven, Thirty-one hours to live" This quote shows the audience she is panicking. Nora uses lots of language which has double meanings "I shall not sleep tonight" The audience can guess that she is planning on running away. The language between Nora and Torvald changes throughout the play, at first Torvald uses dominating language and Nora uses childlike language to fit into the father/daughter role. Then at the end of Act 3 when Nora says shes leaving, she becomes strong and confident and knows everything to say, Helmer becomes weak, confused and Nora overrules him instead. The language Ibsen uses gives us an invalueable insight into the characters personality, he clearly shows the characters personality throughout the play and uses language which clearly states the change in Nora and Torvalds relationship. ...read more.

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