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Fear We were due to jump at 3pm. The intensity of it all was building up. I had never jumped solo before.

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´╗┐Fear We were due to jump at 3pm. The intensity of it all was building up. I had never jumped solo before. It was going to be...fun... ...The plane ride to maximum altitude, pressure building, sweaty palms, shaking... ...The door opens...instructors shouting...jump. The wind was painful against my face, the skin being pulled back from my face, skull emobossed against it. My instructors (Jake and Ryan) were falling with me, to keep me ?safe.? Jake tapped my shoulder, the signal that I should pull my chute. I grabbed the rip cord, and pulled it with all the force I could...this was a mistake. I had been instructed before to just give it a gentle tug...the cord snapped off. ...read more.


We were, however, still at a dangerous height, the only thing that was keeping me from falling to my death was the grip of Ryan, and the strain could be felt, and the grunts of pain, as he put everything he could in to holding me up. The land site was no longer a priority, it was more landing in general. We were getting closer and closer to the ground, but I could feel myself slipping...I managed to rotate while in mid air, and hold on to Ryan, allowing him to let go of me, and all of the pressure was now on me. At around 10 foot, I lost grip of ryan, and fell to the concrete ground below. ...read more.


What was a ?Chinese Bird Spider?...? I was on holiday in China, that much I knew...My eyes were getting heavier... ...?he?s coming around...? The sun was shining, dazzling, in my eyes, it was difficult to see, I could however, ask what had happened. I had been bitted by a ?Chinese Bird Spider.? One of the most venemous and dangerous spiders on earth. If my mum hadn?t recognised it instantly, and taken me to the hopsital. I would have died. No doubt. The pain in my neck was definitely present, but dull and numb, it must have only just been in time. This event has also made me really appreciate life, and how amazing it is. I now realise that I took everything I had for granted. Fear, I feel, is the ultimate form, of humanising someone, making them realise what life is truly about, and how to live it. ...read more.

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