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Growing up as a young girl, divorce was unimaginable in my life. Throughout my childhood, I was grateful for loving parents and a stable household to come home to everyday.

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Growing up as a young girl, divorce was unimaginable in my life. Throughout my childhood, I was grateful for loving parents and a stable household to come home to everyday. I remember feeling sympathy towards the few friends and classmates whose parents were divorced. The difficult divorce and separation of my parent's marriage, caused my entire life to change. I had to deal with numerous changes, observe loved ones change, and watch as my entire life almost fell apart. Divorce was an experience that brought on a series of events, which ultimately changed my life. At the age of twelve, my mother discovered my father had been having an affair with another woman. I will always remember that day because it was when my perfect world began to crumble. The divorce, brought upon difficult problems and emotions that I had never experienced before. ...read more.


It was also my determination and passion to help others in life, that made me dedicated to restore my home for my family. The divorce seemed to light a fuse that spread like wildfire throughout my family, and I felt powerless as I watched people around me suffer. The brutal divorce caused my mother to become extremely physical and verbally abusive towards my siblings and I. I was determined to not let the changes brought on by the divorce get the best of me, so I hide all my emotions. I developed coping mechanisms, that temporarily provided relief from the stress and sadness that I was feeling over the divorce. Secretly harming myself in various ways, provided me an escape from feeling emotion. I wanted to be a strong individual who was unaffected by the divorce, and I was desperate to not let anyone see how alone or depressed I was. ...read more.


So far in my life, divorce is one of the most difficult things that I have experienced. If I was given the chance to go back and change the past, I would not change anything. Divorce has constantly challenged and tested my limits. It caused me to assume new challenges, cope with painful emotions and ultimately discover myself and define my place in the world. Divorce has made me the person I am today. If I was to look at my life through a mirror, a determined and hardworking individual stares right back at me. As college nears the corner, I am excited and eager to start this new chapter of my life. I am ready to start a new life for myself, but I will never for one minute forget the family that I love. Despite the difficult times and moments that the divorce brought about, it is an experience that has changed me for the better. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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