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I Am Legend Monologue

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'I am Legend' Monologue, Robert Neville (Neville walks into his ruined lab, piled darkseeker bodies litter the place. In the background Bob Marley's Three Little Birds is playing) Don't worry, (pause) about a thing, (pause) cause every lil' thing, (pause) is gonna be all right. (Sung) Yeah Bob, Everything turned out all right didn't it? Life really gets put in perspective when you're the only person left in New York City, in fact I'm probably the last person left in the world.(Pause)I knew it was too good to be true, everyone was so (pause) thrilled that they had found a cure for cancer, they seemed to ignore the side effects. Until it was too late. (Pause) All that planning. (Pause) All those evacuation procedures. (Pause) Nothing could have prepared us for this. (Pause) Nothing. But New York City was my site. I had to stay and put this right. Whenever I got close to finding a cure. ...read more.


(Neville walks over to a dummy on the stage and starts punching and kicking it angrily) Why couldn't you have stayed away Fred? (Shouts) Those clever darkseekers, (quiet) I should have realised it was a trap, the same bloody trap I used on them for God's sake.(Shouting again) If I realised this, then Sam would have still been with me.(Pause)I hate lying.(Quietly) I lied to Sam.(Pause) I told him that 'every lil thing is gonna be all right'. It wasn't... (Cries) Word count: 488 That was it. Sam was gone. No more. I should have died that night. (Pause) But I was saved by an Angel in the night, Anna and her son Ethan. What a shock to me. 'Robert Neville, no longer the last human in New York City.' Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? No. (Pause) Thought not. And what did they do? They took us back to my place at dark whilst I was bleeding leaving a great, big bloody trail for the darkseekers to follow the next night. ...read more.


They were in. (Pause) I had found a cure. (Pause) And that was when I realised I was going to die. Shit. 'Daddy look it's a butterfly', Marley's voice echoed through my head, I wasn't sure what was going on at this point, was I dreaming? Was I mad? Or was it God's plan? I glimpsed the butterfly tattoo on Anna's neck. So this was God's plan. All I had to do was listen. That big bastard darkseeker was back, he would not take the cure away from me, and I would protect it at all costs. I had to. All my work could not be forgotten. Not long now, Marley and Zoe... I shall see you soon (Pause) The savage crack of the Plexiglas signalled the final bell for Robert Neville, the last man in New York City. I could see this was it. Thank you Anna. Please save the world. (Pleads) Don't worry, (pause) about a thing, (pause) cause every lil' thing, (pause) is gonna be all right. (Sung) Word count: 1011 Sam Hennessy 811 English Literature And Language Julia Firmin ...read more.

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