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In this assignment I will compare 3 Wilfred Owen poems and then I will evaluate them together.

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WILFRED OWEN In this assignment I will compare 3 Wilfred Owen poems and then I will evaluate them together. Disabled This is a poem of a young soldier of war; this poem is crucial to understand what the war was really like because this tells the story from a soldier's point of view and its consequences. "He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark" This to me describes what the state of mind the soldier is at, clearly showing that since he is sitting in a wheel chair that he lost the use of his legs. At this point in time all he can think about is "why oh why did I join the war" the term "Waiting for the dark" Says to me that he hates his life because of what happened during the war, this verse is used to tell us that he basically wants this day to be over to the next day, trying to speed his life up but I also think that this verse is also telling us he wants to die, to end his life and so the word dark can in fact means death. He starts to reminisce about what he used to do the days before he joined the war but the things he will miss the most are the attention from the girls "All of them touch him like some queer disease" This tells us that he was very popular when he was in his youth and ...read more.


The verse below shows that he did not even think it through "German he scarcely thought of" "And no fear of fear came yet" This verse clearly states that he had no idea what he was getting himself into, because he did not know, or even think of, the dangers of war until it was too late which I think the word "yet" was put in. All he thought of was "Jewelled hilts, for dagger in plaid socks" All he ever though of before leaving for the war was about his new suit and how nice he would look in them. He was drafted out "He was drafted out with drums and cheers" This to me was probably the whole reason of joining the war, to let people see him in kilts and led him to believe that if he returned home he would get the same treatment. But ever since he got off the airplane he realised how things had changed "Some cheered him home, but not as crowds that cheered goal" This verse tells us that he was thrown by surprise because the crowd was not as big as it was when he left and probably this was the starting point when he started to feel left out, in fact the next verse states that there was no crowd "Only a solemn man who brought him fruits thanked him; and then enquired about his soul" The last paragraph describes what he thinks the rest of his ...read more.


I will" This shows that the soldier has had enough, he wants it to end now and basically is trying to say that it Aint worth going through al the pain and suffering to fight for his country. It also states how dangerous the war was to; the fact that he said if this hands spared goes to show that it was more like a public massacre then a normal war that we are used to seeing today. "Dreaming of all the valiant; that aren't dead" This again shows the mentality of the soldier. It says that he has basically given up on fighting the war but he is still on their side. In his mind he is dead so therefore he has given up in reality. The poem ends off in a peculiar way "The scum you sent last night died. Hooray" This verse to me is interesting. It shows us that the soldiers that did take part and finished the war were disgusted in the soldiers that just simply gave up, this is why they called him "The Scum", but at the end of the sentence they seemed to glorify the soldiers death. Why did they do that? Did they hate him that much? Or was the sufferings of the war so great that they all wanted to be in his shoes? And wished that they were dead. Overall I think that Wilfred Owen succeeded very well in describing the sufferings of soldiers during the war. ...read more.

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