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In this essay I will analyse a section of language from the opening chapter of White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

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´╗┐Unit 1 ? Level 3 White Teeth by Zadie Smith In this essay I will analyse a section of language from the opening chapter of White Teeth by Zadie Smith. The areas that will be analysed will include the audience, purpose, lexis, syntax, imagery, rhetoric and register. It will analyse how the author has written his own words coherently for the reader in this extract and create a piece of text that continues to persuade the reader to read on and how the language keeps the reader intrigued and wanting to know more regarding the characters outcome. This literature is written in the form of a novel, it is narrative as the author uses pronouns such as ?he? and ?his? which identifies which is written by a third person. The narrator provides access to the characters thoughts and feelings and parts of his life which the character may not be aware of for example: ?luck was with him that morning.? This method is very effective in literature as it provides a ...read more.


This provided a picture of what a multi-cultural UK looks like in today?s current society, making us aware of previous events in history and everyday changes in society. The phonology introduces the main character Archie Jones into the novel which is functional ?Early in the morning, late in the century?06.27?January 1975?. The use of the line ?He was resigned to it. He was prepared for it. He flipped a coin?? this shows the use of monosyllables in the lexis and it reveals that Archie was an army man, therefore everything had to be in order and in sequence. The author uses similes in the written lines of events and in religious connotations: ?squeeze between an almighty concrete cinema? this is describing the current surroundings and religiously uses the words ?like some fallen angel?. The author leaves us to feel pity for Archie by writing ? decided to take his mistakes with him? this leaves us wanting to further read the novel to find out what those mistakes were. ...read more.


Language can also describe an area such as Mo?s Mantra ?the shit is not the shit? this tells us that the act of clearing up after the pigeons is like a daily ritual for Mo. Overall the author has used literary methods and language to draw the reader in and has created a strong structured purpose to the novel. It provides the reader with the want to read more and with the use of humour the reader can expect to laugh and see the novel in their own perspective. The use of similes and humour provides the more experienced reader and the sense of humour that is used in the novel will make the novel a pleasure to read and a hard book to put down after the first chapter as the reader has the incentive to read on. This book has deservedly won the Guardian First Book Award and The James Tate Black Memorial Prize for Fiction. ...read more.

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