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Integrating the poetry elements in teaching ESL classroom.

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Article Review Marie Gasparro and Bernadette Falleta, has mentioned on their article that poetry functions well and has many uses in the ESL classroom. According to these writers, poetry enables the students to understand the aspects of the written text in terms of its linguistic features and its conceptual aspects. There are two ways of integrating the poetry elements in teaching ESL classroom, which are through dramatization and improvisation. By using drama techniques in teaching English, the acquisition of language becomes internalized, as students are able to experience the language in situations that seem real. The students are able to apply the outside reality with the things that they have learned in the classroom. For example, in a role-play, students are able to use the language freely. ...read more.


This article also talks about the role of the teacher in creating drama with poetry in the classroom. According to this article, the teacher's responsibility includes setting a good example of English language user, being a facilitator, stimulator in interaction, establisher of workshop atmosphere and creator of the opportunity of participation among the students. Lastly, the writers stated that creating drama with poetry is crucial as it helps in stimulating learning in acquiring the second language. This is mainly because the students will become intellectually, emotionally, and physically involved in the target language in a scaffold of new culture. Poetry also opens up the way to let the students to fully internalize the language in their everyday conversation. ...read more.


By incorporating drama in English classroom, the learning atmosphere will not be too rigid and therefore it helps the students to understand the language more. In drama, students have plenty of chances of using the language freely. The students' anxiety in learning the language also can be diminished as the learning experience will be more interesting. In poetry, it enables the students to appreciate things in their lives. Their reactions toward each novel and poem will cultivate the need to speak up, therefore, learning of using the language can be taken place. It is the right way for the Malaysian government to include the elements of literature in English language subject. By this, the students are hoped to have broaden their thinking skills. Apart from that the students must use the opportunities to enhance their skills in English language either it is in written or spoken language. ...read more.

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