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Karl Swindlehurst Melancholy of the German Hussars

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Karl Swindlehurst Melancholy of the German Hussars I have currently been studying three short stories. The first of the three short story's The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion is one of seven stories from the "Wessex Tales" . The genre of this story is generally based around love and issues and consequences related to love, and also distresses the complications and coincidences within the love story. The story itself has three main characters in which a love triangle is formed. Phyllis, Humphrey and Mateus are the main characters in which Phyllis was engaged to Humphrey through an agreed marriage arranged by both Humphrey and her father. However that engagement breaks down when Humphrey goes to Bath on a trip which lasted longer than both Phyllis and her father had expected. In this time Phyllis had meet a man named Mateus. Mateus was a corporal in the German Hussars and both Mateus and Phyllis fall in love. The plot is based around the love of Phyllis and Mateus and also how the plan of Mateus going AWOL falling to pieces, and the build up to his death. ...read more.


Grove Phyllis father for her hand in marriage, Humphrey having come from a highly respected family Dr. Grove was overwhelmed, and saw this as an great opportunity for his family. Mateus' s meeting with Phyllis differed to Humphreys. He was simply walking past and they both noticed each other, on the whole a more romantic meeting. A character of a person, is largely determined by how that person behaves, by their actions, and how they treat and speak to others. James Hardy has taken this in to account, and has purposefully made Humphrey and Mateus follow this rule in the story. Humphrey in the story is quite obviously the meaner more arrogant man of the two. Having come from a "upper class" back ground the way in which he treats Phyllis to us and compared to Mateus is bad, but in that day and age it was expected. Mateus on the other hand treats Phyllis with much deserved respect unlike Humphrey making him to us as the reader a more desirable and generally the more amiable man of the story. ...read more.


On another level, James hardy uses coincidence as a main drive for his story. Phyllis having being there at the very moment when the coach stops right beside her is slightly farfetched, however he works it into the story and quite cleverly uses this as a believable factor of the story. The setting of Melancholy of the German Hussars is used to James Hardy's advantage. He has written with emphasise on the times, and level of stature of men and women of that time. Phyllis is a good example of this, she is a woman of that time, she has to in simplified terms obey men especially her father. Humphrey and Mateus also show traits of actions and roles from this time also. Humphrey coming from a upper class family has great stature and respect, however Mateus has no real stature because he just a corporal in the German Hussars. In retrospect, James hardy has quite obviously used his clever writing skills and imagination to create a mixed array of characters, that have the typical characteristics of people in that time. He has also added Mateus effectively as a comparison to Humphrey, and to show the other side to men of that time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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