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Lord of The Flies Web Quest

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Lord of The Flies Web Quest SURVIVAL MANUAL Tuna �zoguz Yagmur Kan 9/C (16.04.2007) THE CONCH Tibia Insulaechorab How the conch's used & its significance o The leader will be chosen every Sunday so that everyone will be able to experience how to be a leader o There will be a conch ceremony while changing the group leader. The leader will wear the conch with its chain all week long. ...read more.


The fisher group will be changed every week after the conch ceremony so that just one group of people won't be fed up with fishing during the life on island. Also, fishing group will be responsible for getting other types of seafood. * Water will be kept in holes which are covered with leaves and rocks -so that the water won't be absorbed- Purification tablets may be used . * The food will be cooked on fire made by using a magnifying glass. ...read more.


* Whatever the leader says must be done * Everybody must do some work. All the members of the island has to participate in the life om island * If someone breaks one of the rules, he/she will be expelled from the group. So she/he has to survive on her/his own. * Signal fire must be kept burning all the time. * The person who looks after the fire must observe what goes around the island. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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