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Love and Jealousy within'

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The Withered Arm Coursework Love and Jealousy Love and Jealousy within' "The Withered Arm" becomes a very appetent and large factor in the novel. I believe the essay title "Love and Jealousy are powerful emotions means and shows how love can often form the evil and selfish jealousy, and how it easily it can change people and make them paranoid furthermore make then act out in a outlandish behaviour this is why I feel the essay refers love and jealousy to be some what of 'powerful emotions.' Brief Summary of the story Withered arm is a story of love and jealousy, the basic plot of The Withered Arm is that Rhoda a middle aged woman once had an affair with a rich farmer known as Farmer Lodge. After sometime after of the affair ending Farmer Lodge meets a young and beautiful woman called Gertrude and ends up marrying her. Rhoda and Farmer Lodge have a son which they have to keep secret to hide up their previous relationship. Rhoda finds out about Farmer lodge new love and uses his son to gain information about her, as soon as Rhoda finds out about the beauty of Gertrude, Rhoda becomes ...read more.


This shows the selfishness of Farmer Lodge and this shows there was no real love involved in this relationship since I believe real love is not only just though peoples looks. With all this horror with her relationship with Farmer Lodge Gertrude becomes so disturbed and depressed that she goes so far as to see a strange man, known as Conjuror Trendle that is believed to have powers to cure strange illnesses. He informs her that only way to end this illness is to touch a hanged body neck with her withered arm. She in fact went and did just this. As the story unfolds you are then let on to know that the body was actually the body of Rhoda's son, which had been wrongfully hanged for a crime which he didn't commit. Subsequently there's a shock, Gertrude's blood had been turned too much after touching the neck of the dead son of Rhoda, to this serious degree that it caused her to die. In the next question I will be examining the questions presented to me of Love and Jealousy, I will be examining all the aspects of jealousy and love featured in the story. ...read more.


This is why jealousy and love can become powerful emotions it can make you carry out actions you wouldn't do normally. These emotions of hate had all arisen due to the love she felt for this man but could not have. Love is so powerful that basically you would go to the end of the world for them and jealousy can be destructive, and the two combined can bring about almost anything. Rhoda may have done this act to make Gertrude less desirable to her husband and perhaps and make her self more in the running for Farmer Lodge's love. It is not clear whether there was actually love involved; when Farmer Lodge married Gertrude. There is doubt that love is really the reason why they were attracted to each other to form this bond; Farmer Lodge may had married Gertrude for her prettiness and on the other hand Gertrude may have married him for his wealth. Gertrude is the one the key characters in Withered Arm; she brings a lot of jealousy, and shows an excellent example on how love and jealousy and can change people and make them perform actions that wouldn't generally do. Gertrude was once married to Farmer Lodge, when this relationship ended it was clear that she wasn't over him. Michael Wall 4/30/2007 ...read more.

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