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My Own Worst Enemy

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Nga Vo January 4, 2005 Period 1 My Own Worst Enemy What would happen to you if you must live your life in the hidden of your true self? The book that I recently read is called My Own Worst Enemy written by Carol Sonenklar; hence it was published in 1999 by the Scholastic Inc. In the book, Eve Belkin is a young-teen girl who has just moved to Michigan because of the returning of her mother to medical field works. Eve has hard times in her old school of getting fit-in. Therefore she decided moving to a new place is a great opportunity to reinvent herself. She started to live her life under playing a role of a normal girl who dresses nice and neat all the time to impress her family of course. And yes, Eve gets good returns for what she gave out. She got being friends with two very popular normal girls, Lisle and Kristine. ...read more.


Yet her father must be a househusband for the family and Eve knew this is the hardest thing for a man to face. Since her mother has to go back to her pharmacy works, her family must move to Michigan. Eve was very sad that she has to leave her homeland and her true self behind. Moving to Michigan was a dramatic change in Eve's life. Eve changed herself from a baggy careless girl into a normal neatly school girl to impress her parents; since under her parents and her old school friends and teachers, Eve was just a sort of troublemaker. Now changing herself into a normal looking girl is just a perfect thing for everyone. She makes friends with Kristine and Lisle who are the two most popular dressed neatly girls in the school. But Eve still does not feel happy at all. She does not like it when she must force herself to laugh along with Kristine and Lisle when they were making fun at the others peoples' styles. ...read more.


I enjoyed the book very much, because the author, Carol Sonenklar, uses many interesting words that make the story sounds more like in reality for a teen girl's life. For instance Sonenklar uses "cleanaholic" to describe how crazy Eve's mother is with her neatness. She uses good sense of humor to grab readers' attentions. She got a good sense of style and tone in the story. She knows when the tone should be up and down. Throughout the whole story, the tone was kind of suspicious because Eve's condition was always anxious and worried. By doing this, it helps readers to feel the main character's feelings better. It helps because readers are able to put themselves inside of the main character's shoe. I would like to introduce this book to some of my friends, especially to the girlfriends, because I know they will love this book since it is so touching and so true about our girls' live of being a daughter in a family. Well over all, it is such a great book!! I know you will enjoy it too! ...read more.

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