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Nurse's Role

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Adarsha Karki 3/4/05 English Pd.4 Nurse's Role Romeo and Juliet a play by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous and loved romantic stories ever. It is a story about two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, whose love was never meant to be. Readers disagree about the characters that are contributors towards the suffering of Romeo and Juliet. One of the most overlooked characters responsible for Romeo and Juliet's suffering is the Nurse. In William Shakespeare's book Romeo and Juliet, The Nurse contributes to the suffering because she acts like a messenger between the two, she keeps their marriage a secret and she advises Juliet to marry Paris, after previously helping her marry Romeo. ...read more.


During Act 2, in a conversation with Romeo in Friar's cell she tells Romeo, "Is your man secret? Did you na'er hear say, Two may keep counsel, putting one away?" (2.4.192-193). The Nurse, as a watcher of Juliet, helped her marry Romeo Montague who is the son of Lord Montague, their enemy. She told Romeo that she was going to keep his marriage with Juliet a secret. Instead of keeping this secret she should have notified the Capulet's because they trusted her enough to let her watch over Juliet. As the parents of Juliet, the Capulets deserved to know about her marriage, instead the Nurse kept it a secret, which led to Lord Capulet arranging a marriage between Juliet and Paris. ...read more.


The Nurse contributed towards Romeo and Juliet's suffering by advising Juliet to marry Paris after helping her marry Romeo. In this play, the Nurse is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's suffering because firstly she acts as a messenger, secondly she kept Romeo and Juliet's marriage a secret and finally she tells Juliet to marry Paris, after helping her marry Romeo. The Nurse should have never talked to Romeo, worse yet deliver his messages to Juliet. As a watcher of Juliet, Nurse should have reported Juliet's marriage to Romeo, to the Capulets. Finally, instead of helping Juliet out of her messy situation, she just tells her to marry Paris, which Nurse herself knows, is a sin because Juliet is already married. Although, the Nurse may seem like a loving character, her mistakes cost Romeo and Juliet their lives. ...read more.

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