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Of Mice and Men - Discussing Chapter 7.

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Of Mice and Men - Chapter7 Despite the warmth of the early morning sun gradually seeping through the cracks in the bunkhouse walls, it was cold within. George lay awake, he hadn't slept all night, suddenly the door swung open and Carlson steamed in, he glanced at George and shook his head. "You plannin' on jus' lying there all day" Carlson grabbed his jacket "sum people get away with murder round `ere" the door banged and silence followed. George lay still, he hadn't noticed Carlson's intrusion. The door squeaked open and Candy peered in, "Slim you in..." he spotted George and frowned he stood for a moment pondering what to say, "Eh...George you ok?" There was no reply; he looked down at his feet sighed and left. George glanced towards the closing door then rolled to face the wall and lay silent. George felt the sun warming his back and he tilted his head round towards the source. Slim appeared, his figure blocked the brightest most piercing rays but let the warmth and light trickle through. He glided in and sat gently beside George placing his hand on his shoulder "the sheriff an' his men have gone. ...read more.


Carlson replied. Just then door opened. In stepped the boss wearing his usual smart attire, his face wore a troubled expression and he scanned the room his eyes resting briefly on George and finally fixing on Slim, "Slim, when your'e done, a word." His voice held in a concerned tone. The office was small square room, the sunlight glinted off the silver framed paintings which hung on the wall landing some light on the bookcase at the back of the room, the desk in front of it was perpendicular to the opposing wall centred by the mahogany coloured door and the paper work on the desk was organised into alphabetical files. "Knock, knock," "C'mon in Slim." "Curley's bin tellin' me bout Georges slackin' in the field today, is that right?" "No sir his effort's jus' fine," "Listen slim, keep it like that, I can't afford to be payin' people for nothing' and I've had a little talk with my good friend the sheriff I ast him to keep bad publicity bout the farm as small as he could an' he tol' me his evidence has matched our story and has stopped his sniffin' around." ...read more.


The door opened and slim walked in spotting Candy he runs towards him "What the hell happened to him?" "The boss tol' him he aint no use no more and he shot `imself" George despaired "I was jus' too late." "It's ok George it was for the best" "He didn't have to die like this, he could've bin on the farm with me and Lenny." "It aint your fault George, none of it is, you hear?" George did not answer. Now I'll jus' go tell the others an' then we'll go an' giv' him a good burial. Minutes later Carlson strides in "Jesus Christ George, you look like hell." It was Sunday morning and as the sun began it's accent in the sky Slim made his way across a peaceful courtyard and into the bunkhouse, "George I need a word" "What's goin' on?" "George, I'm leavin', goin' to soledad to work for Murray and Ready." "what the hell am I s'posed to do here with all them crazy bastards when your gone?" "I don't like it here no more, jus' last night Curley came home drunk and hung crooks like a fish on a line, I'm afraid if I don't leave now I'll do somethin' I'll regret." "I understand" sighed George. "Maybe some day I'll come back an' visit, goodbye George." "Some day," whispered George, "some day" I ...read more.

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