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Preventing Youth Suicide Tips for Parents and Schools

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´╗┐Preventing Youth Suicide ? Tips for Parents and Schools Suicide is a significant public health problem among children and young adults as the statistics show that suicide is the third leading cause of adolescent death nationwide. However, suicide is preventable as the adolescent who are contemplating suicide frequently give warning signs of their distress. It is important for parents, schools, and peers to identify and take the correct preventing actions before they engage in behaviors with irreversible consequences. Because suicidal behavior is an accumulated act of stress, pressure, and depression over the years, many suicidal youth demonstrate observable behaviors that signal their suicidal behaviors. ...read more.


It is expected that the schools play an important role in suicide prevention. There are several suicide and violence prevention programs targeting youth suicide in school system with supportive mental health services. School psychologists and counselors can help reduce the risk of suicide by conducting suicide risk assessments, notifying parents and family, providing recommendations and referrals to community services, and offering follow up counseling and support at school. Family also plays an important role in suicide prevention. Parents need to be informed and actively involved in the decisions regarding their child?s welfare. Parents are also played a crucial part of suicide risk assessment as they often have the most information of their child?s behavior that can be associated with suicide risk factors, including mental health history, family cohesions, environmental risks, and previous suicidal behaviors. ...read more.


The potential of risk factors that leads to suicidal ideation and behaviors can be lessened with the presence of positive resiliency factors. These positive resiliency factors can go from positive supporting from family, peers and close social networks, to participating in school and community services, to actively learning coping and problem-solving skills in prevention programs as well as gaining self-esteem, to culturally promoting health living styles, to providing easy access to effective medicals and mental health resources. Suicide by youths is not only devastated for families and society, but also represent a significant and preventable loss of life. Positive social supports from parents, school, and peers can contribute to the decrease of suicide rates. These interventions can help mitigate the distress associated with negative life events or the triggers that effect the youth?s decisions and behaviors. ...read more.

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