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Ray Bradbury wrote a little short story called The Pedestrian

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´╗┐Technology Ray Bradbury wrote a little short story called The Pedestrian. In this story, Ray Bradbury uses a guy by the name of Leonard Mead, for the main character. During the day is when you will only find the citizens roaming the city, while nights are dedicated to the families watching television. Leonard Mead is not like other people though. At night, he usually takes walks up and down the streets, just to relax and cool off. One night he finds a police car, that is of course computer generated. It happens to be the only police on duty, in this big city. This is because there will be no crime when people are stuck at home watching television. So the two talk for a while, then later the car takes Mr. Mead to the Psychiatric Research Center, because the car has no idea why he is not at home watching television. It goes downhill from there for Mr. Mead. The title of this story is The Pedestrian. Right then I thought the story would be something about a walker or someone who likes to explore. ...read more.


This quote right here just says that there is nothing left, and everything is done. Nothing came out of Mr. Mead, and I feel like he just gives in and tastes defeat. I also got an image when he was just walking and minding his own business, and then this cop car comes down the street with it?s lights flashing and blaring sound. I could imagine how scared Leonard would have been, I would have not known what to do in this position, because I would just be frozen with amazement when the car comes at me. Also when he is in the cop car driving to the Psychiatric center, and they pass by his house with all the lights, the cop does not care at all. It was like his house versus darkness and the tomblike houses of the city. Ray Bradbury uses some great lines in the story that make some great imagery, and make you feel like your really in the situation at hand. The author, Ray Bradbury, uses Figurative Language to make the story more interesting and exciting. ...read more.


He is frustrated that everyone is inside watching television at night, and that there is only this one man that will get outside and do something. He wants people to be less dependent on electronics, and do more things with the outdoors and family. I myself am a victim of technology, but I do not go overboard on them. I love spending time with my family and doing activities outdoors such as tennis, and other sports. If the people back then could go years without using technology, Ray Bradbury wants us today to do the same. I think if he came to our society today, he would be very disappointed with us and technology. We are all moving towards technology, and losing touch with each other and the outdoors. Humanity should not forget nature and should be wary of technology. ?The car moved down the empty river bed streets and off away, leaving the empty streets with the empty sidewalks, and no sound and no motion all the rest of the chill November night? (Bradbury 2). This quote here shows me that Bradbury is a little sad and frustrated. He wants to change the emptiness and populate the outdoors. This story really made me think about technology. ...read more.

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