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Romeo and Juliet - An exploration into the language of love.

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Romeo and Juliet An exploration into the language of love I am studying Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. For my coursework I will have to describe and look at three scenes within Shakespeare's masterpiece Romeo and Juliet. The three scenes are the party scene, balcony scene and the parting. While looking at these scenes I will be describing the language of love for example referring to religion and contrasts between light and dark as another example. In the party scene (act 1 scene 3) when Romeo first lays eyes upon Juliet he is instantly attracted to her and taken in by her breath taking beauty. The first words he speaks are "O she doth teach the torches to burn bright". If you look at this quotation the first word Romeo speaks is 'O' this is as though he is taken away by her immense beauty. Also when he says burn bright it means she stands out as a burning light would. What you must remember is that Romeo and Juliet are at a party which means there is a lot of people and he only notices her as she is so beautiful hence the 'burn bright'. This is what we call the language of love. ...read more.


What light through yonder window breaks?" This is going back to seeing Juliet as a light which is ever present when talking about the language of love, we see this appear a few times through out this entire first section of Romeos speech. I will present a few more examples. "It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!" This is referring to Juliet like a beautiful morning as the sun rises in the east. "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars" Instead of referring to the sun this time he is using stars saying that she is brighter and more beautiful than the stars in the sky. In Romeos first speech thrice he says "O" as though he is fascinated by her it is also like he is in awe of her. Then towards the end of his first speech he says "O that I were a glove upon that hand, That I might touch that cheek". He wishes that he is her glove as she his resting upon her hand and if he was a glove he would be touching her cheek. These are great examples and all of them are showing Romeos love for Juliet. Then we hear Juliet talk for the first time she says "Ay me!" ...read more.


"Jocund day stands tip toe on the misty mountain tops" he talks as day being jolly and he should be happy but the fact that the day is coming is very bad and will result in them parting. This is also an example of personification, which gives an image that the readers can relate to. Another example of Shakespeare using the day in a negative manner is "It is the lark that sings out of tune, Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps" the lark singing is usually used positively but here it is used as singing out of tune which means that it is not actually an awful sound what the singing symbolises is actually bad. Also one of my favourite sentences "More light and light- more dark and dark are woes!" this means as it gets lighter the troubles he had get worse. Also it uses light and dark twice to add extra significance and more emphasis upon the problem and the troubles. Throughout this scene we see that light is shown negatively and dark is shown positively which I think is a great way to show the parting by changing completely the style and manner in which light and dark are used. In the language of love light is used as beautiful and good and night is seen as bad and ugly but Shakespeare changes this to show significance in Romeo and Juliet being together. ...read more.

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