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Romeo and Juliet essay

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Infatuation is a foolish or extravagant passion for someone. William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" relationship is one of infatuation. Juliet is infatuated when she meets Romeo. Romeo and Juliet agree to marry each other even thought they barely know each other and their families are moral enemies. If Juliet informed her Mother about the current marriage then Lady Capulet would have supported Juliet's decision. Lady Capulet would have stood up to Lord Capulet when Juliet was unwilling pressured into marriage with someone she did not love. Juliet found herself in trouble due to the marriage and relied on Friar Lawrence's support and help. Juliet received a potion to take before the wedding that would make her appear as if she was dead. ...read more.


Juliet's nurse tries to stop her by convincing her not to get married to Romeo, "His name is Romeo, and a Montague, and the only son of your great enemy" (1.5.136-137). Although the nurse tries to stop her from making a horrible decision, she still believes she is truly in love and shall get married. She responds back saying "My only love sprung from my only hate" (1.5.138). If Juliet had listened to the thoughts of her Nurse and obeyed them, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet would not have occurred. If she did not get married to Romeo none of the problems after this would have occurred. Romeo professes his love for Juliet when he first meets her. ...read more.


"Talk not to me, for I'll speak not a word. / Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee" (3.5.204-205). Lady Capulet feels neglected due to her communication with her daughter. When Lord Capulet tells her she will be attending a marriage, she refuses and becomes frantic. How now! How now! Chop-logic! What is this? "Proud and I thank you" and "I thank you," and I thank you not;" And yet "not proud" Mistress minion, you Thank me no thanking, nor proud me no proud But fettle your fine joints 'gains Thursday next, To go with Paris to Saint Peters Church, Or I will drag thee on a handle thither. Out, you green- sickness carrion! Out you baggage! You tallow-face! (3.5.150-158) ...read more.

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